What is an Auxiliary Fan??


A man who does not know what an auxiliary fan is.

You’re driving your car and you notice that something is wrong… seriously wrong. The mechanic pops the hood up and looks around a mish mash of engineering parts. This is the part where you go, ‘Oooohhhh!’

The mechanic in his dirty gray jumper wipes his hands with a greasy rag tucked in his back pocket. He then turns to you and says, “Your auxiliary fan is not working. The fuse is blown.”

You’re not quite sure what the mechanic is talking about. Instincts lead you to a completely different idea, because the fan blower seemed to work fine when you switched on the air conditioner this morning. Afraid to sound stupid and end up being charged extra as a result of it, you nod your head and pull out a wad of cash hoping not to hear about the problem again.

As you drive home, you wonder, ‘What in the hell is an auxiliary fan?’

Auxiliary Fan


Worry not, my troubled driver, for that is exactly what I am here to explain. While car parts have their own unique purposes, one must realize that they function in a structural order. Each part relates to one another and therefore, there are a lot of supporting systems that makes your car run like a perfectly oiled machine.

The auxiliary fan serves a very important purpose in supporting other parts in your car. We have to know that, like all fans, the auxiliary fan works in various speeds, and each speed has its own function. At low speeds, it cools the condenser of your air conditioning unit when it is overworked or when it has reached a certain temperature. In the same manner of kicking in at certain temperatures, the auxiliary fan notches up to high speeds when the engine needs to be cooled down. This also helps in cooling down the radiator when idling or moving through slow traffic.

The main purpose of the auxiliary fan, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, is to control and cool down the different parts of your car so that it runs efficiently. So, if there comes a time again when your mechanic tells you that the auxiliary fan needs to be replaced, you can just smile as you sign the repair form, knowing full well its purpose in your beautiful car.

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