How does Volvo Intend to Build a Crash Proof Car?

The archives of YouTube have so many car crash compilations that it seems that no driver can be entirely safe on the road, no matter how cautious he may be. To say that car accidents are a bummer is a cruel understatement, and in the world of safe driving, Volvo is taking the lead. The 85-year-old company currently has around 50 engineers working with automotive partners, such as Ricardo UK, on the new crash proof car technology.  Volvo hopes to launch the first accident-free vehicles by 2014. These cars can only run up to 31mph, but faster versions will be available by 2020.

How does it work?

Volvo is coming up with a computerized, self-driving vehicle, which will be installed with high-tech sensors that will take over the car’s steering at times of imminent accidents. It also has the capability of “communicating” with other cars over the airwaves about accidents or congestions ahead, automatically taking avoidance actions along the way. Along with its collision-avoidance features, Volvo’s crash-proof car will also come with a pedestrian and animal detection, which causes the car to involuntarily slow down whenever something is blocking its way.

Here are other significant qualities of Volvo’s very own crash proof car:

  • Volvo Crash Proof CarAuto-pilot convoy driving-cars link together automatically to drive themselves in special motorway ‘road trains’.
  • External airbags that deploy in the event of collision.
  • Automatic braking at junctions.
  • Camera on front grille, which helps the driver see ‘round corners’ better.
  • Park alignment that automatically controls steering.
  • Lane departure warning which steers the car to keep it in the lane if it drifts.
  • Blind Spot Radar Alert: motion sensors that warns driver of a vehicle hidden from the driver’s sight.
  • Dazzle-free Driving: headlights are automatically to avoid blinding other drivers.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – includes radar that scans distance to the car in front and automatically adjusts speed to maintain the pre-set distance.
  • Speed Limit Sign Recognition.
  • Automatic alert to emergency services once airbags go off in crash.

Excited for the new technology?

By 2020, this is going to be a full-blown technology that will prevent us all from encountering accidents that may lead to death. Even the most careful drivers may get involved in car accidents, but with this crash proof car, there would be nothing to worry about! This is wonderful news both for car owners and automotive industries alike. Let’s all look forward to this exciting technology that Volvo will bring us!

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