What to do when your Vehicle Overheats

Breaking down in the middle of the road is not an ideal way to get that 15minutes of fame. Waiting for a cutie to assist you on your roadside blues is nothing short of a dream either. Here are some quick fire ways to resuscitate an overheated radiator:

Lets pop the hood and let loose some steam!

Warning1. Check to see if steam is escaping from the radiator cap. Replace when necessary.

2. Slowly open the radiator cap to gradually let loose some steam. It is not wise to open it all at one go. Think of it as a shaken bottle of soda. You’d want to avoid the fizz coming out of that.

3. Check the water levels. If needed, fill the radiator with distilled water as ordinary tap water contains minerals that can build up and cause blockages in the system.

4. Check hoses connecting to the radiator for leaks. Make sure that they are securely connected to the radiator and have no unusual bends in them.

5. Make sure the temperature needle is nowhere near the boiling point, but safely past the neutral zone before igniting the engine.

If you’ve got time to spare and materials to use make a thorough examination by:

1. Flushing the radiator with a hose to see if the water is rusty. If all the rust goes out and still the radiator does not work, it’s time to find a replacement.

2. If you know for sure that there is a leak, pour radiator sealant into the radiator and allow it to settle into the hole. Replace radiator if this does not solve your problem.

3.  Inspect  the radiator for any blown seams. Check the cooling fan for any solders that might have deteriorated.

Understanding your car is a step to a happier driving experience. Here are some roadside assistance numbers you might want to save.

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA):



North Luzon Expressway (NLEX)

(02) 35-000

Philippine Auto  Club (P.A.C.) Alarm Hotline:

(02) 812-7878

Subic- Clark- Tarlac Expressways (SCTEX):

(02) 326-2246

Tollways Management Corporation:

(02) 580-8911

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  1. Great article!

    Another good tip – if you notice your engine overheating, stick the heater on full. This will take heat from the engine, hence cooling it down.