The Top 3 Best-Looking Batmobiles (Cinema and TV)

Batman is not just defined by his master detective skills and knowledge of almost all fighting styles known to man. What makes him an iconic figure in popular culture is his wide array of awesome gadgets like his signature batarang, grappling hook, smoke and gas pellets, utility belt and his Batmobile, which he uses to travel around Gotham City, patrolling its streets.

Over the years, his mode of transportation has taken many shapes and forms in comics, TV shows, and movies. It has taken the look of a lean, mean, souped-up streetcar in some versions, and a tank-like machine in others. In all those versions, we’ve picked the top 3 best-looking Batmobiles to ever hit the big and small screen:

Batmobile from Batman the Animated Series

#3 – The Batmobile from Batman: The Animated Series

One look and you can see that this is a subdued, yet powerful automative force to be reckoned with. The design is a mixture of many different time periods, mostly from this century. It is rectangular in shape with a large but suave frame. The form of this Batmobile follows the Dark Deco theme incorporated from the show. It borrows heavily from noir imagery and art deco with features such as a jet engine, tire slashers, and ejector seats to name a few.

Batmobile from Batman Forever

#2 – The Batmobile from Batman Forever

In the sequel to the Tim Burton interpretation, Michael Schumacher re-designed the Batmobile with a skeletal, yet smooth-flowing aesthetic quality with sharper elliptical curves. It also had a large fin over the driver’s cockpit, making it a very distinguishable vehicle among the other versions before or after it. Aside from a jet turbine propulsion engine, one of its most notable utilities was a grappling hook that allowed it to drive up buildings, as featured in one of the film’s scenes. Sadly, this Batmobile was destroyed by The Riddler when he threw several bombs in the cockpit.

Batmobile from Batman (1989)

#1 – The Batmobile from Batman (1982)

In 1989, quirky director Tim Burton brought Batman back to live-action cinema, re-interpreting him in a very dark artistic theme distinct from previous versions. He was influenced by the Art Deco style used by the film’s set designed Anton Faust. This was then translated into perhaps the best-looking Batmobile ever.

The Burtonmobile, as it was fondly remembered, was a cross between a small tank and a sports car, yet maintained a sleek from with its two fins located near the rear tires. It was a long vehicle with elliptical edges amidst the blend of various other geometric shapes and lines, faithfully replicating the Art Deco theme. Surely, Master Wayne had to put his vision through various metal stamping processes before being able to achieve its final form.

The original cinematic Batmobile boasted a jet engine for speed boosts, a grappling hook for sharp turns around corners, a bulletproof exterior and an armor mode to protect it from external threats. This is one spankin’ car to have. Wonder if we’ll ever have any of these in the Philippines…

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