Four Tips to Get a Good Car Repair Estimate

You come to a point when you need to repair your car. It’s your first time to do a car repair and you decided not to go to the repair center of your car brand, thinking that you’ll get a cheaper price from the neighborhood car shop. That’s good and all but are you sure that you’re getting the best possible offer for your car repair? Here are four tips for you to get a good estimate for your car repair.

Try as you may, there are some problems that you can't fix by yourself - get the services of a mechanic for your major car problems.

#1 — Get as many estimates as you can

Don’t be contented when you get one offer from the first shop that you approached. You’ll probably find another one a few blocks down the road. There’s probably a good reason why one store has a lot more customers than another one. Unless the reason is because customers are demanding a refund because the repair was done poorly, it’s most likely because the store already has a good reputation of providing good service.

#2 — Make sure every single repair part is listed out

List out exactly what the minimum repairs you need from the mechanic. If you don’t know what exactly is wrong, you can point out the car part that you think has something wrong. Any additional recommendation from the mechanic would probably be because there are other more problems that are already arising. But at the very least, your immediate problems should be fixed.

#3 — Know the reputation of the store

Some stores are known to have imitation parts that are being used in repairs which basically defeats the purpose of the repair. After a few use, the car breaks down again and then you’ll be going back to another mechanic and spend money again. Even if one store is more expensive, as long as the reputation is good, it’s a better investment. Remember, one good repair is better than many cheap repairs.

#4 — Get the official receipt indicating the things done to your car

Just like electronic parts, you can go back to these car repair shops and tell them what part is still not yet repaired properly. These car shops have their own warranty of service if the car still breaks down after a few days. It would only mean that the repair was not done correctly. These receipts (no matter how unofficial they look like) will be your proof that you did business with them.

Cheap service doesn't necessarily mean good service. Go for reputable car repair shops that you can trust with your car.

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