3 Tips to Lower Car Maintenance Cost in the Summer

Summer is here and it’s that time of the year when the weather is scorching hot. As you probably know, your car can’t take too much of the heat – your engine is already making your car hot enough and the outside temperature only adds more heat to it. Without proper maintenance, your car will easily give in to the summer heat and will be prone to breaking down. In some cases, this may be an unavoidable circumstance.  However, here are some tips to help you minimize your car maintenance costs:

  • Control the air conditioning of your car — the most probable reason your car will overheat is because you set the air conditioning to the highest setting. Using this setting means you are forcing more heat in your engine. The higher the setting, the more power the engine needs to produce. Consider controlling the setting of your air conditioning as well as the thermostat. Remember, it’s a bigger headache when your car breaks down in the middle of a hot day than going through a not-so-cool car ride. Have your air conditioning checked before the summer season starts.
  • Refresh your car’s cooling system every two years — summer is going to get hotter every year and if you’re the type of person who is forced to drive during noon time on a summer day, your cooling system might not last long. Have the cooling system checked every once in a while. Check your radiators as well as they play an important role in cooling down your engine.
  • Comply with the filter replacement of your car — your car filtering system should be replaced every once in a while. There’s a recommended time frame for the replacement of the filtering parts such as air filters, fuel filter, etc. Clogged filters cause the car parts to work harder, producing more heat and eventually causing problems for your car.

Your car also needs to cool down amidst the scorching heat of summer.

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