SUV or Sedan?

Qualities that Distinguish the SUV and the Sedan

Go out on the road. There are two cars that dominate the pavement, and they are sedans and Sport Utility Vehicles. (Not counting the jeepneys, of course.) What is it with these two types of vehicles that they seem to capture the hearts of drivers? One promises reliability and consistency. One shows road dominance and size. Now, assuming you have the cash to buy one of these types, which one suits the best for you?

Two Qualities of a Sedan:


Sedans probably have the best handling on the road, which implies that it can easily be handled by anyone with a license. It can be driven by a man, woman, and even a new driver. Sedan makes the perfect starting car for one who had just gotten his or her license. It’s easy to park and manoeuvre. Also, it is helpful to know that sedans have the best gas mileage. This would be excellent for those who are in need of saving those precious Pesos.


Has there been a vehicle more tried and tested? Sedans are rampant on the road. Everyone knows what it is. Majority would know which sedan is to which manufacturer. To get an opinion or testimony concerning any of them would be no problem. Driving a sedan would make you look slick and professional. Also, its automotive parts are easy to find. And when it comes to its purchase, since its identity has already been greatly established, people will most likely not have a hard time trying to buy one.

Here are some additional facts regarding the Sedan: Most parking spaces are designed to fit them. They don’t cost a lot compared to SUVs. In fact, you can get a top model sedan for the normal price of an SUV. They receive the first advancements in vehicle technology. In other words, they are the standard of vehicles.

Two Qualities of an SUV:


My father has always loved driving our SUV. He said that driving it makes the road easier to cope with. Was it because of better handling? Not really. One of the best features of the SUV is that it possesses extra toughness. Imagine a car collision between an SUV and a car of normal durability. One would not be surprised to find only minor scratches on the SUV and while the other car suffers from worse injuries. Because a scenario like this one is not rare, most cars tend to keep their distance from SUV’s, resulting in a less crowded driving condition for the ones handling SUV’s.


It’s pretty huge. I think it has something to do with the fact that it is, after all, classified as a light truck. You can see well over other cars to check what’s in front. Along with the size of the SUV is the comfort it brings inside. It can carry from 5 to 6 passengers (and probably even more if you want it to) without losing comfort. It has the power of the vehicle to match its size. You can fit large bags inside making this perfect for long trips. If you need size, the SUV brings it.

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