Smart Tips on Driving while its Pouring

Every driver knows the risks that lie before them the minute they start their engines. It’s always a battle of survival out there, and drivers are expected to be defensive drivers. As much as it is ideal and harmonious to follow that straight line with uniform speed, the possibility that violators and reckless drivers are near should always be considered. This risk already applies to your daily drives. What more if the weather is not on your side?

It’s the rainy season again, and as much as weather forecasts can tell you when a typhoon may hit, they’re not fairly accurate. Traffic will also be exponentially heavier. Risks are higher for a lot is compromised – visibility, slippery roads, floods, etc.  Here are a few smart tips to apply when caught in heavy rains in the middle of a journey:

1. Caution your fellow drivers


When rain pours, it’s highly possible that visibility becomes compromised. Despite the efforts of your trusty wiper and headlights, your vision is still not as clear as it is on fair weathers. The minute you feel uncertain, hit the hazard lights to signal cars behind and avoid delays for others. It is but road etiquette to consider not only your safety and convenience but that of others also.

2. Lower your speed

There are dozens of road accidents caused by slippery roads. Regardless of what path you take, when the heavy rain pours, make sure you lower down your gear. There is no greater axiom that will apply than the clichéd-ridden “Slowly but surely”. Even when you are confident with your driving skills, never underestimate the risks that go with bad weather. Due diligence is expected of you. Lower down your speed.

3. Anticipate floods


Before anticipating floods, make sure you have the best automobile fit for your lifestyle, usual whereabouts, and residential area. If you are aware that floods are evident in your area even with the slightest amount of rain, avoid classic cars and go for SUVs. Before investing in a car, you must not prioritize fuel efficiency or engine drive. Consider your current status first, especially in terms of travelling.

When caught in a remote area where floods are likely to rise, think quickly and go to a higher place to avoid delays. And, of course, the value of your vehicle must also be protected. Stay somewhere safe for you and your vehicle and wait for the rain to mellow down before you decide to embark in your trip again.

4. Be knowledgeable of alternative routes

You don’t have to master the road, but it is essential to be logical. When you’re caught in traffic due to heavy rains, look for the nearest street you can turn to and find an alternative. The traffic will most likely not lighten up until the rains stop. To avoid getting stuck, find an alternative. You can follow cars that deviate from the usual course. Normally, these cars are doing the same and trying to avoid the heavy traffic. Not everyone does it so it’s safe to follow these cars in order to cut time and get to your destination faster.

In driving under bad weather, never put speed above safety.  Be even more cautious than you usually are. This involves following road etiquettes. Don’t be the guy who splashes floodwaters on innocent pedestrians and stranded passengers.

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Leah coins herself as dekiru_onna which literally means can-do girl. She’s no wonder woman but she considers everything can be learned and done through DIY videos featured in youtube. She also enjoys vicarious cultural experiences she reads in books and sees in movies and is particularly attached to Japanese variety shows and dramas. She embraces change and spontaneity but is determined to be a serious legal practitioner by surviving her daily rigorous battle in the field of law.


  1. Very timely and easy to follow tips! This surely comes in handy for amateur drivers like me. Thank you very much. 🙂

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