How Do Run-Flat Tires Work?

Run-Flat TireOur vehicles’ tires are the essential workforce that makes it possible for our cars to move on the streets. The very first batches of tires seem extremely prone to puncture and other damages, but a few decades ago, the breakthrough of increased resistance to pressure of steel belt tires made driving much safer. But still, this technology cannot stop the hundreds of car-related accidents on the roads due to all sorts of tire failure. To further maximize safety, tire manufacturers have paid much attention to improving auto rubber by developing an advanced next-generation tire technology called run-flat tires. In this article, let us discuss what this technology is and how they work to keep you safe rolling along the roads!

Run Flat Tires and their Role

Let us start by first discussing a standard tire, which depends solely on internal air pressure along with sturdy sidewall construction and multi steel belts. The collaborative effects of these features help maintain your tires as it goes on the road. To support the weight, the standard tire’s pneumatic pressure works with the physical structure of the tire to support a vehicle’s weight. The air also serves as a cushion to counter the impacts of road surface irregularities. So as the tire loses air due to successive loads and impacts in its travels, the ability of the tire to hold the vehicle up and to counter act road punishment will therefore diminish. Once a tire reaches a breaking point, it can suddenly go flat, which in turn can cause serious car accidents. Tough it can be a hassle for some, it is wise for drivers to check their tire pressures from time to time.

Run on Flat Tire DemonstrationNow on to Run-Flat Tires.

Run-flat tires are basically standard tires with additional special sidewall structures that support the tire in the event that it loses its much needed air pressure. This added feature should keep you rolling until you reach the nearest car service station. The benefits are pretty much simple, obvious and at the same time dramatic, but its availability have long been limited. The good news is that its prices have become more reasonable, allowing commercial use to grow. Before, only power house luxury vehicles such as the Aston Martinis or Popemobiles have implemented run-flat tires. But now, vehicle OEM tires may feature them already, and replacements for the tires of older models have become much more affordable.

Further Benefits

To further understand their value, let us discuss their bonus uses and benefits. Run-flat tires will allow you to continue on driving like nothing happened after lost pressure or inflicted damage. Also, using such tires would eliminate the need to have a spare tire with you all the time. The weight you save will result to improved fuel efficiency. Who doesn’t want that? To top it off, installing run-flat tires on standard rims is easy. You do not have to purchase extra special tire rims to fit these kinds of tires. Bridgestone Potenza with Run on Flat Technology is a commercially available tire for people to purchase and install.

So there you have it! If you are the type that values maximum safety, consider replacing all four of your tires with run-flat tires so you’d stay safe should you drive on damaging roads.

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