Seven Reasons Why You Should Read Your Owner’s Manual

Instruction ManualHave you already bought your dream car? If so, have you come to understand the essence of its function and anatomy? How about its pros and cons? What about the basics of it? If you lack the fundamental knowledge that pertains to your car, then it is highly advised that you start reading your “Owner’s Manual”, which is also known as the “Instruction Manual”. I know it might sound boring, vague or even useless to read or just browse through it, but trust me. In the end, you will find its tips and information to be useful and applicable. Below, I have listed seven reasons why you need to read your owner’s manual.

BasicsKnowing the basics of your car is a requirement, most especially for first-time car owners. This section of the manual will identify the locations and function of all the parts of your car.

Safety is Priority!Whether the car you’re about to purchase is brand new or second-hand, safety measures should always be prioritized. Study the safety instructions on the car manual. Always remember that every car is subject to malfunctions, so carefully inspect the quality of its performance each time you take it for a drive.

Programming and Installation It may be the most recent touch-based car radio, flat-screen monitor, or a state-of-the-art sound system. It may even be a fancy GPS. But whatever it is, we know that most cars today have a gadget or program built into it. Going through the owner’s manual should prevent you from having any disastrous miscalculations when it comes to operating these gadgets.

MaintenanceMaintaining a car is no joke, and can sometimes be compared to the hardships of raising a baby. Every baby has their own needs, and so does cars. A car would need to be maintained once in a while for it to continuously work as it always should.

WarrantySurely, a good warranty is something a driver would love to have along with his brand new car, for it grants peace of mind. In case any damages have been incurred due to factory defects, a warranty should comfort the owner as he takes his car back to the dealership for some fixing. Although, you must remember that warranties are not in the owner’s manual per se, as it is different in terms of paper. What you need to look for in an owner’s manual is any indication of the necessary warranty.

Car ToolsSupplies Tools are nowadays being bundled with the car’s package, and it will be very important for you to know the purpose of each particular tool. The manual should make it clear that every tool is designed for a specific car part. Memorize them, and you should be fine if ever you encounter a flat tire.

Upgrades!Upgrades are most common for men, and they tend to upgrade their car every once in a while. If you among this group of drivers, you must know that certain upgrades are not compatible with every car. This is where the owner’s manual comes into play. Whenever an intent to upgrade comes along, always remember to check the owner’s manual if the desired upgrade will be compatible with your car.

All in all, even though you might think that you already know the ins and outs of you car, it is always best if you study the owner’s manual!

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