Detecting Problems with Your Flat Fin Radiator

If you drive a lot, one of the problems you’re likely to encounter is an overheated engine. Just like how the human body needs sweat to cool down, the automobile engine also needs a cooling mechanism – more so when the engine is operating in a hot environment. This is where radiators come in. The flat fin radiator is a type of radiator where “pins” are spread across the engine to cool it down. Since these radiators fight off heat every day, they are easily subjected to wear and tear. Here are some tips for you to detect if your radiator is already having problems:

Don’t wait for your car to overheat while you’re on the road, be aware of signs that your radiator is not performing its job.

  • If your car overheats a lot recently, then it’s obvious that your radiator is no longer doing its job. It’s most likely already broken and it’s high time for you to replace your broken radiator. As a driver, you should be able to notice that there’s a problem with the cooling system of your engine when the area around your legs feels warmer than usual.
  • You can always check your radiator if you think there’s a problem with it. Unfasten the radiator cap and take a look at the radiator if there’s anything unusual. If you don’t know what to look for, you can always go to a mechanic to check your radiator.
  • Consider the last time you placed coolant or water in your radiator. If the last time you did this was years ago, then your radiator may have already been running dry for a very long time.
  • Check if there is any leakage happening around your radiator. If you feel that you are placing coolants very often, then the problem may already be a leaking radiator.

If you are not familiar with what to do then it’s advisable to consult a mechanic instead. Remember, a problem with one part of a car may not necessarily mean that is the only problem with your car – it may just be a symptom of a bigger problem.

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