How to Properly Wax Your Car

Car WaxJustin was just 17 years old when his parents gave him a car. He totally loved it. He’ll drive around all the time, going on road trips with friends, traveling anywhere. He became so busy going to places that, when he finally had the time to settle in the house, his parents noticed that Justin’s car is in dire need of a good washing. “Your car is your responsibility son,” his father jested, “You should be able to take care of it as much as you enjoy using it. Now go clean it up, and make sure you wax it too.” So he walks outside, looks at his car and wonders, “How will I do that?”

Having a car is like having a pet… or even a kid. It’s not only fun and games with them. The owner has the responsibility to take good care of it if he/she wants to avoid getting it sick… I mean, broken.

The popular saying never gets old. “Prevention is better than cure”. So, before you even have problems with your car, one must be able to be attentive about it. It all starts with a good cleaning. Make sure to give it a good washing, especially after a hard rain where you have all the mud stuck on the side or the back of the automobile. Of course, it will be best to have it waxed and polished after a nice wash.

Let’s help Justin have a clean, sparkling car.

Car Wash

Before you can wax your car, make sure you have it cleaned first. Do not use random soaps like dish washing soaps, as these have different Ph than that of car soap. In cleaning your car, start from the top, heading downward, making sure you clean all sides and panels of the car. Wash it under a shade, because water spots may stain on your car if you wash it directly under the sun.

Car Wax

After getting your car cleaned, dry it thoroughly to prepare for waxing. Again, keep it under a shade so the sun would not bake the wax on your car. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to the car when waxing it.

In waxing your car, it is best to use a non-abrasive wax to avoid harming the paint job of the body of the car. Also, prepare a wax sponge, cloth diapers/towels, and a soft toothbrush in case wax gets into hard-to-reach places.

Waxing of Car

As you start waxing, moisten the sponge then dip it onto the wax, getting a small clump of wax onto it. Then start applying it in circular motions, covering one section at a time. Remember the path you went through as this is the same path you will use in removing the wax.

After covering the car with wax, it will be ready to be cleaned up again. Use the cloth diaper to wipe off the wax. Like I said, take the same path as you did in applying the wax. While removing the wax, use different sides of the cloth to avoid wiping wax build ups onto the car. Make sure you do not leave wax residues on the surfaces. You may now polish your car with a new set of cloth diaper. Remember, used cloths and sponges should be washed as well to avoid scratching the car with it the next time you use them.

Justin’s parents were so proud to see the sleek look of their son’s car. Waxing it simply made the car looked brand new over and over again.

All of us are responsible in keeping our belongings and properties look new as much as we can. These cars are one of the biggest assets we can ever have aside from our homes. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to look at its sparkling surface and always feel as if it was the first time you laid eyes on it?

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