How to Properly Install Mags to Your Wheels

Installing Wheel RimsRecession has hit all of us pretty hard, and in times like these, a task that we normally have the experts carry out for a certain fee can now be done by none other than ourselves. It always helps to be able to save a few bucks. A process in which we would initially think is a hard and daunting task is fairly easy if done correctly. This will serve as a guide for all people out there – including me. This should be able to let us prove to ourselves that what they can do (for a price), we can do also… for free! Ever wonder how you can, on your own, install the mags to your wheels?

First off, every car should have a wheel jack. Use that wheel jack to lift up the tires. Since the wheel is free for work to be done on it, take out the cap that secures the air in it and let all that good old air out. You won’t need them. Having done that, you can now take out your other tools and start unscrewing the bolts that keeps the tire secure. Of course, I am sure you know what the next step will be, take the wheel off so that you can take out the old car mags or, as we say, wheel rims. This step may require a bit of effort, so it is of importance that you are fit enough for some “wheel rim manipulation”.

Make sure you do it as carefully as possible, just so you do not end up marring any edges or any other parts of the wheel. Once you have it out, proceed to putting in the new set of babies that you have. Go easy on it; a little patience goes a long way. When you get it in, get the bolts again and secure them once more on the wheel. This is a very important step, and I urge you to securely screw it back on. Your safety should still be first on the list.

Wheel Rims

You may use a tire compressor for putting air back into the wheels. Make sure that you have a pressure indicator so that you may tell if you have the right amount of air in your tires. All you have to really do now is to lower the tire jack and move on to the next wheel. Repeat the same process until you have successfully changed the mags of each of your wheels. I suggest that you give it a test run afterwards, just like breaking in a new car. Make sure you do not speed off on the first run. Go around the block a few times then check the wheels afterwards if they still are securely attached. If they still are, give yourself a big pat on the back.

You have just successfully and properly installed new magazine rims on your car. The next thing I suggest you do is drive to your best bud’s house and show them the feat that you have just overcome. Oh, and show them your fantastic new babies while you are at it.

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