The Dummies’ Guide to Identifying Under-the-Hood Car Parts

Engine Check

When it comes to cars, we usually just appreciate the features immediately visible to our eyes: the shape of the car, the rims, the windshield, etc. What we fail to realize is that a lot of “hidden” parts parts, like alternators and straight fin radiators, also contribute to the success of the vehicle as a whole.

It is also important to recognize these parts so that when something wrong happens to the car, you know exactly which part is in need of a replacement.

That being said, here’s a guide to all the important under-the-hood parts of a car for your added knowledge. Brace yourself; there’re a lot of “hidden” parts for you to learn about.

Oil dipstick – A small, metal bar that shows you how much oil is left in the car. If it is near empty, refill with oil. If close to full, leave it alone. It is best to keep the oil level near full.

Brake fluid reservoir – A translucent tank filled with fluid that is used to power the braking system of your car.

Fuel injection – A valve that injects fuel into your car for it to run properly.

Power Steering ReservoirPower steering reservoir – A tank that provides fluid to the car’s steering system, ensuring smooth turning when on the road.

Air cleaner/air filter A device that filters the air in the engine for it to function correctly.

Radiator – A machine that cools the engine of the car, preventing overheating as a result.

Battery – A device that powers your car electronically.

Alternator – An alternator works in conjunction with the car battery to supply energy to the other electronic parts of the car.

Front & back suspension – This system absorbs shock from the ground when travelling and ensures safe and comfortable travel for the passengers inside the car. Suspension systems also make sure that the tires get a good grip on the ground, providing steering stability and good handling.

Disc brake – A part of the braking system that slows down the revolution of the tires by applying brake pads on it, thereby slowing down the car.

MufflerKnown as silencers, mufflers reduce the amount of noise generated by the engine. It is the device responsible for producing the controlled and pleasing sound of a car’s acceleration.

These are just some of less “popular” car parts that deserves more care and attention than we usually give them credit for. To learn more about them, we advise you to visit your local automotive shop and have an educational dialogue with your trusted mechanic.

And while you’re at it, get a full car diagnostic so to find out if any part needs some fixing. We hope this article opened your mind even more about cars and the parts that make them go “Vroom!”

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