Difference Between Coil Spring and Leaf Springs

City driving is most pleasurable if the little bumps on the road are not felt, while off- road junkies get a high for every roadblock their vehicle can conquer. Sedans are all about that sleek, polished and sophisticated feel as trucks give off that dirty, adventurous, macho- vibe.

coil springBut for the average person who wants the practicality of both cars, what do they get? That’s easy…most cars nowadays are multi- functional. It can carry loads, plus it provides smooth driving comfort whether you’re on smooth pavement or in the province but not unleashed in the wild, that’s an adventure for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) and trucks.


What these vehicles differ is not just on how the outside looks but also on the inside. Most four wheel drive vehicles and trucks have coil springs rigged both at the front and rear- end as opposed to passenger cars having a combination of both coil spring and leaf springs attached to the front and rear- end respectively. The reason why manufacturers install the leaf at the rear- end is that most people put the load behind.

Coil springs look like twister fries while leaf springs are more like lasagna; it has layers upon layers of thin metal bowed and ready to carry heavy loads. Keep in mind that the amount of layers depends on how much it is designed to carry. Coil springs are there to give you that total riding experience by eliminating if not minimizing the feel of the bumps while the leaf spring’s main concern is to carry weights.

Car LeafspringsAffordability

If costs weren’t an issue, coil springs are recommended because they usually perform better and have been better engineered geometry than leafs, but the drawback would be the load- bearing. On the practical note however, leaf springs are more popular as it provides an acceptable job in giving you that smooth ride, it can carry more weight and it is a proven durable choice. Living at these times, it is best to choose the one that can give you the most for your money.

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