How to Detect a Clogged Fuel Filter

We all know how important fuel cleanliness is for a car. The cleaner and purer the fuel, the better the engine will perform. While we may do our part to provide cleaner fuel to the engine, cars also do their part to provide the engine the cleanest fuel it possibly can. This is where the fuel filter comes in. The fuel filter is located between the fuel tank and the engine. What it mainly does is to filter the fuel going to the engine — making sure all the impurities are filtered out. Being embedded inside the car, we cannot easily determine if the fuel filter needs to be replaced already without opening the inside of the engine OR taking note of the signs that the fuel filter needs to be replaced. Here are some signs that indicate your fuel filter is clogged:

Watch out for signs that your fuel filter is clogged.

  • Car starts but experiences sputtering when running at a slow pace — the fuel filter may have some minimal clogging problems but it shouldn’t be very alarming to the user. It’s just a heads-up that the fuel filter will have to be replaced soon depending on how much you use your car and the quality of fuel.
  • Car starts but is having problems when idle and may stall out at stops while driving — the fuel filter is already moderately clogged. Although you can most likely go a few more hundred kilometers without any serious problems, you should consider replacing the fuel filter already.
  • Car is extremely hard to start and requires constant pressing on the gas pedal to continue going — the fuel filter is severely clogged and you should change the fuel filter as soon as possible. Unless you have some good know-how on changing fuel filters, you should let a mechanic do the job.
  • The count mark is 10,000 miles. After reaching this distance, you should more or less change the fuel filter as a safety precaution. While many mechanics would recommend a higher number, this should be an easy number to remember.
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  1. How-to blog entries are really awesome! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Wow has to be the best topic on fuel filters on the net. It pinpoints out excactly whats wrong with my truck THANX.

  3. glenwood johnson says:

    Thx for sharing everyone! Glad I checked here first, otherwise I would have spent $$ thinking that there is/was an electrical problem. After reading this, and upon paying further attention, the symptoms noted above are spot on for what’s occurring, and since it’s an Acura I’m dealing with, that $$ saved is well worth the diligent reading. Thanks again all. G

  4. wellington says:

    Just to say how much this website helped. THANKYOU! I just spent an hour troubleingshooting my car for fuel pump problems and found that the problem was a loose wire. all thanks to the website info on feplacing a fuel pump. Now im back on the road w/h out spending 100’s of dollers.

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