Radiator Types: Copper Vs. Aluminum Radiators

A lot of discussions has been going around on copper and aluminum radiators. Which is the better radiator? Some say stick to copper radiators while the other party argues that aluminum is much better. So which side should you be taking?

Let’s separate it to pros and cons shall we?

Copper radiatorCopper radiator


Copper radiator has the upper hand in Heat conduction compared to Aluminum radiators.

In terms of Durability, copper radiators are more durable and tend to have problems much later than aluminum radiators.

Copper radiators have longer operating lives and are less prone to cracking open when your vehicle overheats.

Easily recyclable. 10% of all recycled coppers come from copper radiators.

Generally easier to repair than aluminum radiators


Copper radiators are generally heavier than its aluminum counterpart

Since copper radiator tubes have smaller, narrower tubes, it tends to clog more than aluminum tubes

Aluminum RadiatorAluminum Radiator:


Aluminum Radiators are by far, more cost-friendly. Meaning they come cheaper than copper radiators.

Shinier and flashier than copper radiators (if ever you plan to use your vehicle for show)

Much lighter in weight. The difference is about 30-40%. So if you’re planning to speed your car up, go with aluminum radiators.

Aluminum Radiators have 1 inch wide tubes compared to copper radiator’s half-inch wide tubes.


Aluminum Radiators are said to let Air flow into the system – causing rust

Easier to break when vehicle overheats

Harder to repair than copper radiators