Things You Can Do When Your Car Widow Is Stuck

I remember as a kid how my dad would generously give away freshly-baked sweet bread to children as we drove home from school. One gray-skied afternoon, a swarm of kids pounced on our car window as my dad tried to raise the window up. Unfortunately, it got stuck half-way.

Needless to say, the next hour was a lesson in cursing and slapping, which of course was an important lesson that strongly, and positively, affected my adulthood. Though it may seem that I’m about to start a rant about my childhood, I assure you that I am not. Rather, I am here to talk about your car window.

Yes, that beautiful, transparent piece of glass that keeps the smog away from your sensitive nose does create some problems. It can often get stuck in situations like what happened with me and my dad. We can be a victim of a stuck car window in times that we least expect it. We certainly do not want to experience this during a drive under a storm.

Open Car Window

I would like to say that like in every problem, there are varying degrees. And, in this case, there are two. Firstly, we have to find out if your car window is really stuck, or just moving in slight increments and then stopping.

If your car window is going up in slight increments, this just means that it is just misaligned. You can pull your window up while pushing it up at the same time with your free hand. Oftentimes you have to stop and re-align it along the way. What this means is that the guiding system (which is most likely a clip or bearing) is loose or broken, and that it needs to be replaced. If you are mechanically savvy, you can open the side-panel and replace this. Or, if you would like to avoid the sweaty hard work, just go to your mechanic and let his greasy hands run their magic.

Now, let’s say your car window is totally stuck and won’t move at all. If you pull on that magic switch without seeing any movement, then it is likely that the mechanism is not working because the cable to the motor is disconnected. This is where you would most definitely want your mechanic’s help.

Car windows normally get stuck because of wear and tear. Too much going up and down can cause it to misalign or get disconnected. Luckily, the solution is quite simple. Although having a stuck window can be really annoying, a quick trip to your mechanic and an hour in the cool lounge drinking some iced tea is all you need.

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