Why Your Car Needs Regular Maintenance

Cars are a gateway to a multitude of experiences and it runs the gamut. It can strengthen bonds via road trips with friends, be a bridge to get closer to that special someone, ruin a date, be a refuge from the onslaught of the typhoon season…

Kind of like a non- speaking Barney Stinson of “How I Met Your Mother”! The experience varies so much so that people tend to forget that cars aren’t made from the same flesh and blood!

So what’s to say that these mechanical beings aren’t prone to sickness and diseases? Fact is, as you already know it, they aren’t. Brand new cars have a lifespan of at least 5 years without ever undergoing major “surgeries” from the automobile hospital.

And like most humans, they’d probably prefer it if they go visit the “spa” to unwind every now and then… or maybe a trip to the “gym” before taking on that marathon or just plain ol’ going through the list of “to- bring” or “to- do” whenever there are those out of town trips like checking under the hood and checking those equipments we’ve come to tag as “for emergency use only” like extra tires, car jacks and what- nots.

If you’re to check under the hood, be sure to check both engine and radiator. Radiators are like the wingman of the engine, without it, the engine would not last through the night and would easily overheat due to “hyper- tension”. If left uncared for, the radiator would get all clogged up due to solid waste build- ups…

Let’s just put it this way… Every trip you go with the car, it drinks up “alcoholic drinks” just because it’s your wingman… and the wingman gets wasted due to the amount intake for every trip. It’d need to excrete those unhealthy substances one way or another and it is called “flushing” out the toxins.

If the wingman isn’t taken cared-of, it will indeed require a trip to the dreaded hospital, and will cause you lots of cash… say perhaps a hundred thousand or so. You could easily buy an iMac plus iPod Touch, or 10 PSPs, or 25 trips to the grocers, six hundred sixty- seven cups of frappuccino’s! You get the picture… think about it…

Don’t fret! You don’t need to have a degree to read the signs. If your car overheats easily and randomly or that bubbles can be found in the coolant reservoir (The coolant acts like the body’s sweat, but more of that next time.) chances are a visit to the automobile doctor is in order, and if you said “no” to both then there’s nothing to worry about!

Just remember to visit the doctor for regular maintenance. You’d want to be preventive rather than curative. It’s time and cost- efficient! Plus, you’d get to avoid all those hair- raising moments with the creepy drivers along some unknown provincial road.

About Crizia Nicole

Crizia Nicole is a free- spirited young lady whose passion is to travel, dream and live. People would normally be surprised to know that beneath her girl demeanor there lies a car enthusiast. She balances her day job at a major television network and her passion for writing. Check her out on Twitter.