5 Benefits of Tire Siping

Tire siping, which is the process of cutting the tread of the car with slits and minute edges, is most favorable if you are fond of traveling to wet and icy roads. In this article, we will discuss five benefits of car siping that every car enthusiast should know about.

1) Improved Traction

People used to get studs for their tires to prevent dirt and tiny rocks from damaging them. But studs can’t be installed on used tires, which is one of several reasons why you shouldn’t buy used tires in the first place. To avoid any of these hassles and dilemmas, have your tires siped at a trusted automotive shop. Siped tires will result in a 200% improvement in traction, protecting the tires against materials that can lead to flat tires.

Tire Siping

2) Smoother Ride

Because siping will leave smooth edges on the tires, the cooling process will be quicker. In the same way, it will be able to expel water easier from the tread, providing better bite for the tires to dissipate heat. This is especially advantageous for trucks that travel long distances for an extended stretch of time. Thanks to the smoother ride it offers, siped tires also provide high-performance grip during wet conditions.

3) Extends Tire Life

Manual tire siping has been the standard service of car dealers before, but the innovations of computers and the improvement of machines has paved the way to automated siping, which has managed to alter the tread pattern and tire design, prolonging its life to up to 30%. Because the cuts from tire siping allow the tread block to flex and conform to the ground easier than a monolithic tread, they provide better grip, less heat, and ultimately, less wear.

4) Voids the Manufacturer’s Warranty

Most car manufacturers consider tire siping as a mere gimmick that they don’t approve for they believe that it’s a form of tampering. Tire siping involves slicing about a thousand horizontal razor-thin slits in each tire, so before deciding to have your tires siped, consult with your car’s manufacturing company regarding its warranty. If they can extend the car’s warranty, then you may proceed with the service. Else, decide if you are okay with a voided warranty and not have them stand behind you whenever you encounter a problem.

5) Better Overall Handling

Especially true during snowy, rainy, and icy conditions, your car will have better overall handling with siped tires as there is more rolling resistance that gives way to improved braking system. Note that the two advantages from acquiring this service is increased noise and reduced gas mileage. But hey, if you are perfectly fine with these things, then you should have a great time will your car.

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