The 2013 Manila International Auto Show

2013 Manila Auto Show

Earlier this April, the 4th to 7th specifically, was yet another heart-attack inducing, breath-taking killer of a show – the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS). With over 300 cars on display and thousands of car lovers in attendance, 2013 has stepped it up a notch higher than last year’s event. Whether you’ve attended for the cars, accessories or the ladies, I’m sure the MIAS did not disappoint.

You know that MIAS is just around the corner when you hear blaring music announcing its presence. At the World Trade grounds, you are greeted by a queue of restored Mistubishi Lancers and Mini Coopers – a testament to the diversity of cars that are on display – the new and the old school. Entering the event proper, you see handsome jaw-dropping cars: the Lexus LF-A and a Ferrari (by the way, great car curation by the organizers). After crossing the big red barn doors… the beautiful chaos begins.

The first building is inhabited by the “new” cars. Big players include Maserati, Ford, Subaru, Mini, Jeep, Peugeot, Honda, Mazda and Isuzu. Tagging along were a few other brands like China’s Cherry and Piaggio, who were launching its cute pickup, passenger vehicle, drive-away chassis and delivery van – all great for small businesses.

Manila Auto Show

According to Nathalie Torres of Piaggio Ape, people have been creative with the “Ape”. Some use it as mobile stores, mobile cafes and delivery and service vehicles (even for weddings!) Ford also launched its new pickup, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak while Mazda launched its new Mazda 6 executive sedan and Subaru its kick-ass Forester which drew a lot of commotion.

Proceeding to the next building, over to our right is our proud and not-to-be-outdone-by-imported-brands local supplier the Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Cooperation. According to Christine Capuyao, a representative of Roberts AIPMC, “The MIAS is the perfect time to launch and re-introduce the products of Roberts AIPMC because most of the target market is here.”

Indeed, at the MIAS, Roberts AIPMC have successfully launched their brand of Evercool Radiators, which was expanded to three categories the “ALPHA”, “SUPRA” and “ULTIMA” to accommodate compatibility with more motorized vehicles – from regular passenger vehicles to heavily used trucks and buses.

Another proudly Philippine made product that was launched was Roberts’ Tiger Leaf Spring Flexiride. Apart from the regular leaf spring the Flexiride:

  • Has a 25-30% softer ride than the original OEM leaf spring
  • Maintains vehicle posture even if the leaf spring is softer
  • Provides vehicle levelling and stability that guarantees the passenger’s safety
  • Strictly follows OEM standard processing parameters in manufacturing quality leaf springs
ROBERTS Evercool Radiator featured at the 2013 Manila International Autoshow

ROBERTS Evercool Radiator featured at the 2013 Manila International Autoshow


ROBERTS Tiger Leaf Spring featured at the 2013 Manila International Auto Show

ROBERTS Tiger Leaf Spring featured at the 2013 Manila International Auto Show

These new product launches coupled with a re-introduction of the Soundex Mufflers proved to be a successful 4-day participation at the Manila International Auto Show.

In retrospect, the event was yet another awesome showcase of art and engineering. The car savvies, I’m sure, will continue to support this monumental international event that’s held right here on our own soil.

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