Why You Shouldn’t Pull Your Handbrake While Driving Fast

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Deep within you may lay a desire called, “The Need for Speed”. I don’t blame you; such a thing can be called the driver’s guilty pleasure. You love the thrill of pushing your ton of steel down an empty road, or snaking your way in between sleepy drivers and startled passengers. While this is all fun and exciting, you would require a very good control of the wheel accompanied with near-perfect foot pedal control. Never think that what you see on the movies or on your favorite racing games is easy. There is a lot of skill involved.

But! I have all the driving skills in the world! Not even Michael Schumacher can touch me!

This is probably the response from a few of you. You might even want to drift your car by pulling on the handbrakes while still at high speed, so that you can skid in around the edges of the road, fulfilling that near-death thrill that you are looking for.

As I said earlier, this may be really cool to watch, and even cooler to imagine yourself pulling it off. But, before you hop into your car and step on the gas pedal, remember that in most vehicles, the handbrakes are linked to the rear brakes. To use your handbrakes when driving fast is to subject yourself to the possibility of two dangerous consequences. The first is that you would definitely wear out your brakes. Sure, breaks are designed to wear-and-tear, but it has its limits.

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Your front brake, which is linked to your brake pedal, is a lot tougher than your rear brakes, which could get stuck up with continuous wear and tear faster than your front brakes. This leads me to consequence number two: Fishtailing. Using your handbrake, which utilizes the rear brakes, would mean that your car would skid from the rear, thus cars would drift like you see in the movies. The problem with this is that skidding from the rear means that you don’t have control over your car, and if you are skidding toward a barrier or wall, then you would crash.

Furthermore, if you are travelling at very high speeds, then there is a chance that your rear brakes would lock up, which would compound your fishtailing to an even greater risk. Leave your dangerous driving to your game consoles. Rather, impress your friends by driving home safe at the end of the day.


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