Why a Relaxed Driver is also a Safe Driver

Driving is an activity that I abundantly love. To be behind the wheel is to subject yourself to great delights: the delight of possessing full control over a machine, the delight of listening to the endless music that comes with it, the delight of catching the cool air that breezes through the open window… everything! Long drives just help me calm down; it is the rare span of time where I can realize deep thoughts and recap old memories.

Relaxed DrivingAlthough, the annoying traffic jams in city roads is a bother that’s almost impossible to avoid. I hate it when another driver suddenly cuts me, breaking a few traffic regulations in the process. Such actions make me angry, causing me to honk my horn real loud, which does nothing to contribute to the already noisy streets. We’ve all been there. It’s sad that driving can’t always be a delightful thing.

But, despite all of these common downsides, driving still makes me relax. However, when things aren’t going your way, certain precautions must be taken. In moments where you are stuck in one of the many frustrations of driving, the possibility of increasing your blood pressure to dangerous levels should be considered. Anger isn’t the only emotion we should worry about; continuous anxiety is known to contribute to many health problems in the long run.

It is all very subjective, if driving makes you relax or not. But for me, it is like I have been brought into another world, a world that is mine and mine alone. I have been enveloped in a cocoon, and it is peaceful. I hope drivers with a short temper and a lack of patience would also discover my sentiments.

In driving, it is wise for every driver to maintain the rules of the road as much as they maintain the health of their car. We all have to go somewhere and we have to be there at a certain time, but irritating our fellow road travelers just to stay on schedule isn’t the solution to the problem. At the end of the day, we will just aggravate each other, and our actions have done nothing but to increase the possibility of an accident.

Bear in mind; never be a nuisance of a driver when on the road. Whether you’re on your way to work, or driving home from a date, it never really matters what you’re up to. Driving can be a really fun and relaxing experience, only if we all respect each other to do so. So to my dedicated reader, I wish for you a great day. Drive safe.


  1. Although I (at least THINK) see what you’re attempting to articulate i.e. being stressed out behind the wheel can be a recipe for disaster, I have to say I personally feel anyone who finds driving to be relaxing is just as much of a danger. You have to keep an eye for any potential dangers from every direction (even on one-way systems and dual carriageways/motorways), you have to keep an eye on the speedometer, you have to gauge how much you stick out (i.e. how long the vehicle is), how much room you have to manoeuvre [UK spelling].

    Although I have passed not only my basic driving test, but also my advanced driving test (long story!), I still don’t see how anybody can find driving to be relaxing, I certainly don’t!

    In fact, I would contend anybody claiming that “driving is relaxing” are actually doing so at the expense of stressing other drivers!

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