What You Should Know About Car Tints

Whenever anyone sets out to buy a car, a universal question is assured. In fact, it is probably one of the first aesthetic decisions one will have to make immediately after purchase. “Do I want to tint my car? The question is very simple. Yes, the salesman had probably asked you this a hundred times before you even asked yourself, but what does that question means to you? Why do you need a car tint? How is it beneficial to you?

The obvious answer to this is you would want to reduce the heat inside your car. So is that it? Is this article over? Thanks! Unfortunately, that is not it. But fortunately, I shall tell you why.

Tinted Car

While reducing heat is the most obvious benefit of a car tint, there are other features that must be considered, and UV protection is one of them. Like most drivers, you spend a lot of time in your car, and if your car tint can’t protect you from UV rays, then you will be exposing your skin to some long term health problems. Besides the health benefits, car tints also grant you privacy. You wouldn’t want people to keep on staring at you while in traffic, or for people to peek through your windows while it is parked in a public space. Another advantage of car tints, which is probably the most important, is that they grant comfort in your driving. You would want the car tint to reflect enough of glaring light while, at the same time, giving you a good visibility on the road.

By now you might be asking: I can just look for the darkest tint out there, the darker the better right? The answer is wrong. While at first glance utilizing the darkest tints may seem the most logical choice, believe me, it isn’t. There are three main categories of tints: non-reflective, hybrid and full metal. The non-reflective tints are the most basic. The problem with this tint is that there are no reflective properties, and overtime the color fades to purple and bubbles.

The second type is the hybrid. And as the name indicates, it is a combination of various materials. It provides better solar protection and offers some reflective properties. The highest category is the full metal, where it can provide much better solar protection than the two. Its reflective properties are the best due to the metal composition which will provide you. The driver with the full metal tint is will experience the most comfortable driving. This high quality comes with a heavy price, and for economic purposes, many car owners opt for the hybrid for its features and relative price.

Whether you are looking for aesthetics or for features, take time to consider what kind of tint best suits your need and budget. A high quality tint will go a long way.


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