The Wackiest Car Designs to Ever Hit the Road (Part 1)

Hotdog Car

1) Hotdog car

It may be a legit ride for hotdog sellers, but it still looks funny. May work as an actual hotdog, but not as a, you know, car.

 Weird Limo Design

2) Limo

This looks like it jumped right out of the set of a steam punk movie. With its excess of exhausts, it feels like that this monster of a car needs a radiator replacement every two weeks.

Twizzy Renault Sport F1


3) Twizzy Renault Sport F1

This is what you get when a forklift, smart car, and an F1 racer have a threesome.

 Giant Muffler Car

4) Giant Muffler

Seems nothing more like a giant whiskey container at first glance, but no. This is, in fact, the prototype for the Batmobile.

 Grass Car

5) Grass car

Looks like someone took the idea of Green Driving too literally.

 Floppy Disk Car

6) Floppy disk car

This guy obviously couldn’t let go of the 90s, 80s, or whatever era floppy disks were invented.

Stiletto Car

7) Stilleto car

Jessica Rabbit called. She wants her car back.

 Mouse Car

8) Mouse car

If a car and Mickey Mouse hooked up, this is what their lovechild would look like.

 Peacock Car

9) Peacock car

Altogether now: “I wanna see your peacock, car, car, your peacock!”

Volkswagen Golf

10) Volkswagen Golf

Whoever owns this green VW Golf overdid the body augmentation. Way. Too. Much.

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