What to do with your unused automotive parts

The current buzz on leading a green lifestyle – being physically fit, buying organic products, segregating and recycling waste – doesn’t just stop with food, exercise, or trash, it also has significant implications on transportation.

Recycling CarsIt’s not just a fight against pollution

For car owners and enthusiasts, this not only refers to your engine’s fuel efficiency or whatnot, but also to what you do with your car or car parts at the end of their automotive life.

Just imagine the quantity of used vehicles and parts that are not resold or recycled – heaps and heaps of metal, rubber, and plastic in landfills, using up large portions of land and a likely source of toxic gases.

It’s a win-win for you and our world!

There are convenient and environmental-friendly ways of dealing with a car or car part that you no longer want. You can either sell the car as a whole or break it up into parts. You can resell the part to a spare parts dealer if it is still functional or sell it to junkyards or recycling centers.

Tires, belts, rubber hoses, transmission, radiators, and used oil filters are only some of the car parts that recycling facilities accept. And once these parts go through the scrap yard process, they can be turned into other items such as household utensils, flower pots, and the like, thereby turning “trash” into a productive recycled item.

Car parts cost valuable money to buy and maintain, but just because they have stopped being functional as automotive parts does not mean that there is no other use for them. Reselling and recycling car parts would not only save a lot of space on landfills, but can also earn you some cash, pretty neat right? And of course, it would give your much-loved parts a productive second life.

To know more and to take action, here is a comprehensive list of recycling centers, junk shops, and waste trade markets in the Philippines, as well as resource links about recycling.

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