Unearthing the Spiritual Bond between Man & Cars

Starsky & Hutch

If men have difficulty understanding how women can be fickle, emotional, and illogical at times, women also do not get why men are so straightforward, linear in thinking, and at times, reserved. Women are exhilarated whenever the word “SALE” pops up at any shopping mall, while men come alive with the idea of sports and cars. As the title of Dr. John Gray’s book goes, “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.”

But let’s focus on the topic at hand: Men and cars have been a mystery. What exactly drives men to pour all their testosterone-fueled affection on these mechanical machines? The tailfin? The tire rims? What is it about the roar of engines that make men squeal in manly joy? What is it about radiators that make them so cool in the eyes of the male species? (Ho, Ho). In today’s article, we’ll unearth the spiritual bond between man and their cars.

James Bond

• An extension of machismo

The particular build of a car is a man’s own transferable manifestation of his own physical body. Instead of investing time in the gym to pump iron and build muscles or increase their stamina by jogging, they opt for an expensive automotive machine. He is praised for his car instead of his physical dedication.

Instead of being commended for his stamina, it goes to the horsepower of the car. The attention that was supposedly for the human body is diverted to top-of-the-line vehicles. A man’s car becomes a part, or rather an extension, of his physical image.

• Makes them look good/tough

There’s a saying, “You don’t buy a car to make it more attractive. You buy a car to make you look more attractive.” Even if don’t look exactly like Brad Pitt, owning a beautiful car makes you significantly more desirable to the ladies. How that happens is reserved for a different discussion altogether.

• An object of affection/attention

Instead of a pampering a girlfriend or wife, men pour all their care and attention to a car. Activities like gym sessions, salon, spa, and facial treatments are instead replaced with 1000 km check-ups, tune-ups, car washes, auto-detailing, etc.

• “Legal” promiscuity

The idea of promiscuity is deemed immoral by many, but it is perfectly acceptable when man applies it to, you’ve guessed it, automobiles. This idea could possibly be an extension of Freudian theory, that unlike a woman, “…a man can enter a car whenever he pleases and have his way with it…unless they both hit traffic”, says Germaine Greer of The Telegraph.

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