Truth or Myth: The Faster the Car, the More Accident Prone the Driver Is

Speeding CarYour usually-dependable memory fails you at the worst possible time when it reminds you that you’re three hours away from a wedding ceremony that’s about to start in two. Because you’re the only representative of your family, you panic in the thought that you cannot miss the ceremony. After a quick shower, you grab and wear the nearest formal outfit as you race to your car. Almost tripping, you think to yourself “Great, the drive there will take about two hours. I should hurry.” And so you did.

Now I hope you also instinctively thought about what you were getting into! In as much as you are urgently needed somewhere, the faster the speed of the car, the riskier it is for you (and possibly your passengers too!). Most of the reported car accidents are due to speeding. When you think about it, it’s kind of self explanatory. But hey, it’s better to be well-informed. Better safe than sorry, they say.

Driving Accidents Involving ChildrenRoadways indicate speed limits for a reason. They are measured in a certain way for the safety of the travelers. Problem is, people completely ignore the signs. By doing this, they voluntarily throw out their very own safety right outside the window. You see, when you exceed the speed limit even by just 5mph, you open yourself to a great risk of accident! In an unfortunate event that you do meet an accident, the increased speed you implement will be equal to the increased force of the body from the collision. Let’s say that the speed limit of a particular road is 40mph. Every single mile beyond that number will be one step closer to a grave accident.

The sad part is that, almost all drivers, professional or not, will experience speeding at some point in their lives. This will happen because, even though the risk is obviously there, people deliberately ignore it. Because for them (fine, I guess that includes me too), Late + Speeding = Right On Time. But we frequently forget another truth that comes along with it, which is : Late + Speeding = What-Were-You-Thinking-You-Could’ve-Died!

I cannot advise you anything on how to be safe while you are speeding. The best solution is to always leave early. Plan the day ahead and turn on the alarm. Believe me, it is way better to be early than to be late… or hurt.

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