Truth on Myth: Stick Shift Cars Going out the Door

Manual Transmission CarIn you take a look at today’s first world countries, you’ll see that stick shift cars are no longer commonly used. The comfort of not having to shift gears has definitely provided a lot of ease to anyone who owns an automatic vehicle. Those who just want to take things easy should have no complaints with their automatic cars, but when it comes to the “need for speed”, stick shift cars really do break necks!

Stick shift cars, which can also be referred as Manual Transmissions or Manual Gearboxes, have been used for several decades in motor vehicles. It uses 1) a clutch to transfer torque from the engine to the transmission of a car and 2) a gear stick that regulates what gear the car would be in to. Perfect Shifting is known to be the best way to maximize the speed of a car. The maximum speed of manual gearboxes can never be matched by automatic transmissions, because the “Perfect Shift” concept would not take place without the help of a driver’s manual shifting.

Right below is a list of reasons why stick shift cars are very much more versatile when compared to its counterpart.

More Power: Manual transmissions will always overpower the capabilities of automatic cars. If the driver of a manual transmission times his shifting perfectly, he or she could reach speeds that could make Flash dizzy.

Stick Shift PedalsClimber: The superior power of manual transmission lessens the difficulty of having climbing steep roads and hills. During driving circumstances that involve “climbing”, experienced drivers will shift their car down in order to match the speed the car is actually going in to.

Burn Out: A manual can actually have a burnout stage that could result in a Lightning Start. This will grant manual transmissions a hefty advantage over automatic transmission when it comes to acquiring an agile head start.

Edgy Corners: Since the driver using a manual transmission would have total control of their car, they can squeeze through tight turns and swerve through harmful potholes as long as they time their shifting correctly. When faced with such tricky turns, shift down to make the perfect turn and shift up again so you can accelerate in style.

The abovementioned practices are ways in which a driver can maximize the full speed of their car. Remember that you can only make the most of your car when using a manual transmission! So if you are a driver that has a BIG need for speed, stick shift cars are the best for you!

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