Truth or Myth: Flashy Cars Make Men More Attractive

In a previous article, we uncovered the spiritual bond between man and car, discussing how they are, on some levels, very much alike. It seems as if men are naturally drawn to a car be it for a specific part, like flashy tire rims and macho leaf springs, or the sum of its individual components.

In the same context, it is theorized that one reason behind man’s obsession with vehicles is the idea that flashy, sexy cars somehow make men more appealing in the eyes of the ladies. Remember how Shia Labeouf’s wimpy character in “Transformers” was able to pick up Megan Fox because of Bumblebee?

We’ve seen variations of this trick countless times in the movies, but is there any truth to this? Read on and find out!


  • Flashy Cars can definitely get you attention

Alborz Fallah, founder of Car Advice, believes that if we are to buy luxurious cars, it is because of the simple reason that you like them, and not because you want to impress people. While having lunch with a friend at a restaurant, he noticed that several people stopped to look at his car.

But when he and his friend got up to leave, two attractive girls approached them and asked for a ride in his car. To make the long story short, he declined the offer and rode off with his friend. Fallah recounts: “…We got inside the car and drove off, 30 seconds of silence past before the inevitable was finally uttered: “Dude, have you gone mad!” said one rather confused man.

To drive his point home, Fallah emphasized, “I love cars. I really do, I love the way they look, I love the way they sound, I love everything about them. One thing I don’t love is the stereotypical attention they get.”

Another bad experience for Fallah was when a woman threw her handwritten phone number in the red Ferrari 360 convertible he was driving. “Call me!” she yelled as she walked past.

Fallah asked, “Would any self-respecting man call her?”

You wouldn’t think so, but strangely enough, science has proven otherwise.


  • Yeah! SCIENCE!

Dr. Michael Dunn from the University of Wales in Cardiff did an experiment where he showed pictures to a control group of the same man sitting in two different cars: a Bentley Continental and an old Ford Fiesta. The group was composed of women (ages 21-40) picked the man inside the Bentley Continental.

The conclusion of the study showed that women rated men higher if, in Dunn’s words, “…they were behind a wheel of fancy instead of an old banger.”

It also revealed that women judged a man by his wealth and status, and that owning a luxurious car was a sign of that.

Psychologist Dr. Gad Saad, who also cited the study accomplished by Dr. Dunn, said, “It would seem that owning a sports car is the fast track to being perceived as physically attractive by the ladies. Gentlemen: Start saving up for that Aston Martin DB7!”

After reading the stories and studies discussed above, I think it’s pretty safe to conclude that there is a certain amount of truth to this. Whether this is good news or bad depends on the type of car you have on your garage. Not satisfied with your wheels? Chill. Relax. There’s still hope. Buy a dozen piggy bank and start saving up for that Ferrari.

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