True or False: Christmas Lanes are Effective

Another Christmas Season is finally here! And along the joy and love that comes with this merry occasion is the nerve-wracking buzz of finding the right gift for the ones we love.  However, getting though this ordeal is daunting for some since it is certainly not a joke to find one’s self caught in the middle of a sea of cars during the rush hour’s peak. The addition of Christmas Lanes has given us drivers some breathing room in the way they provide a leeway from the constricted roads that the yuletide season brings.

Christmas Lanes Philippines

Before we go on further, it is important to note that these Christmas Lanes will cause little to no inconvenience for the major motorway’s of the country. Though it would be great to have additional lanes open all year long, this is just a temporary solution in decreasing traffic problems and accidents caused by the crowded highways. But nonetheless, these lanes create relief and spell safety for all the drivers who are trying to visit as much friends and family as they can during the Holidays.

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) opened over 30 Christmas Lanes early this December all over Metro Manila to ease the Holiday traffic. The lanes provide numerous alternatives for drivers who constantly pass through the roads of Makati City, EDSA, Quezon City and many more. Although these Lanes will definitely be useful for hundreds of people, it is important to note that drivers should carefully study the lanes before actually passing through them. The notion of avoiding hours of traffic feels great, but this sense of victory will quickly evaporate if end up lost because you didn’t learning the alternate lanes beforehand.

If all the necessary information regarding the Christmas Lanes is disseminated properly, and if drivers are perceptive enough to take this information into careful account, then smooth sailing within these lanes are guaranteed.  In the event that any accidents happen, response from the authorities should be swift since these streets are usually situated in strategic positions around the city. Well-lighted and populated with the essential traffic assistance, these lanes are protected from sneaky carjackers that are taking advantage of the season.

So there. As long as you plan ahead and familiarize yourself with the road ahead, you should have an easier time getting through our busy, crowded streets. A safe and Merry Christmas to you all!

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