The Traveler’s Guide to Exploring Baguio on a Budget

Travelling on a Budget

With the summer season already underway, families and friends are definitely planning their trips to Baguio, the coldest place in the country, to beat the heat. But the downside to this is that staying in Baguio will be costly. The only known affordable rates are transportation fees and strawberries. Everything else, if not spent with moderation, is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Here’s a nifty guide for you to explore Baguio on a budget.



We would highly recommend you to travel via bus instead of bringing your own car, because the cost will be much cheaper. Although, if you do intend to bring a personal vehicle, be sure to give your engine a proper tune-up right after having your suspension system checked by your local leaf spring store.

If you opt for other modes of transportation, Victory Liner is a bus franchise that is popular for going to and from Baguio. They have buses that are clean, spacious, and convenient, since they have pit stops at gas stations.

Jeepney rides in Baguio is also much easier if you start at KM 0, which is at Burnham Park/City Hall. Jeepney fares are determined by the distance traveled from KM 0.

Note that even though Baguio cabs have much lower rates compared to those Manila don’t consider their services unless these are your last resort or are really tired to use regular means of public transportation.


Instead of going to the usual commercial establishments such as McDonalds’, KFC, or even Jollibee, explore Baguio’s hidden, hole-in-the-wall eateries that will introduce your palate to local flavors you thought never existed.

Near SM Baguio and beside Casa Vallejo is a carinderia called Kainan Sa Silungan (silungan is Tagalog for “shelter”). The hidden establishment is true to its namesake, since the roof of the restaurant is on level with the street, the restaurant is like a hidden “shelter” for those looking for a culinary treat. The per head price? 35 pesos. Not bad, huh?

Good Taste appeals to its market through meals that become cheaper in price as you have more and more people in your group. Their specialty? Buttered chicken. Half an order (9 pieces) is less than P200.

If your taste buds are more Americanized, 50s Diner should definitely be in your restaurant radar. You can have individual servings of pasta, fries, and chicken for less than P100.

Forest House


Finding a place to stay isn’t hard in Baguio, since it is filled with inns and vacation houses catering to tourists and local visitors. Rates can go as low as P180 per night to P400 per night, owing to the fact that citizens of Baguio can survive without an air-conditioning unit because of the cold weather. To those who need an aircon unit, you can be sure that nightly rates will be a bit costlier.

Did you find this guide useful? Are there other commute methods, eateries, or even specific inns or hotels you’d like to add to this article? Don’t be shy. Feel free to share your insights and ideas in the comments section below.

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