Top 5 Traffic Violations by Filipino Motorists

They say driving is actually a privilege, and not a right. It cannot be demanded arbitrarily from the State as it is of public policy that the government regulates who can be a motorist. After all, we can’t just have unskilled drivers out there on the roads causing havoc wherever they go. This is why we have countless government authorities who are assigned to apprehend those who violate traffic laws. But for what reasons are motorists usually halted for?

1. Beating the red light: There’s a popular joke in the Philippines that tell how the yellow traffic light is commonly misinterpreted as a sign that says: “Faster!” Well it isn’t actually just a joke. Most motorists, upon seeing the green light shift into yellow, tend to speed up their vehicles in a dangerous attempt to “save time”. The problem with this is that they do not know how many hidden MMDA officers are surveying their every move.

Traffic Violations2. No U-Turn: Yes, Filipinos can read and do understand the traffic signs. But it doesn’t mean that they believe they won’t get away with violating this simple traffic rule. Drivers who are guilty of this have convinced themselves that it would be too much of a hassle to look for a legal U-Turn.

3. No Loading and Unloading: Why walk when a car can drive you exactly where you need to be? Here is a common case where we ask our drivers to pick us up (or drop us off) from certain destinations that may or may not be an appropriate place to load/unload. Remember that some roads are busier and more accident prone than others, which makes them bad rendezvous spots. These rules are made for a good reason.

4. Speeding: Is there such a thing in the Philippines? Apparently there is. For the past few years, the traffic authorities have been finding ways to enforce this, especially in the major highways of the metro. This traffic violation is most frequent in the expressways as the officers there are equipped with radar guns. Those who are taking joy ride in NLEX may not be so joyful anymore once they are caught by traffic enforcers.

5. One Way: Of all the traffic violations, this might be the one which is least attributable to the offender. Some municipalities after all would pattern series of one-way streets that could be compared to a jigsaw puzzle. This perplexing system could turn simple combinations of intersections into a brain-twisting labyrinth. Drive the wrong way, and rest assured that a traffic enforcer will soon be tailing your automobile.

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