Top 5 Things/Places You shouldn’t Miss in Cleaning Your Car

Auto DetailingAuto Detailing is, in essence, similar to the household tradition of spring cleaning. It is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, which involves the washing, polishing, and waxing of both the interior and exterior of a particular automobile. A meticulous process like auto detailing is done to significantly improve a car’s overall appearance, function and durability. Any dedicated driver who desires a good-looking, long-lasting car should be aware of this useful practice. Here are the three basic components of auto detailing:

  • Interior detailing:  Common activities of interior detailing include the vacuuming and cleaning the inside of the car. This includes the seats, carpets, windows, and dashboard area. Discard any peculiar items that do not belong.  Most cars usually have junk food wrappers just waiting to be thrown away.
  • Engine detailing:  Steam, degreasers, high pressure waters and all-purpose cleaners are regularly utilized in cleaning the things under the hood of the vehicle.

Interior DetailingThese services are normally offered in neighborhood detail shops and gasoline stations. So because auto detailing is readily available in numerous places, why still delay your car from this necessary enhancement? To maximize the service you are about to receive, you must be informed that there are five places in your car that are often overlooked by these detailers. The following are points which you yourself can clean or inspect after your car has been detailed:

1.     Gas Tank Compartment: Here is one of the dirtiest components of the car. That its compartment door has a complicated location might explain why it is also one of the most neglected areas of your car. Dirt, rain and gasoline drops are often found in this area.

2.     Glove Box: This is basically the area where we store our personal effects; things like the owner’s manual, registration papers, and mobile chargers are found here. Not that it’s hard to find like the item above. Detailers reasonably refrain from touching the glove box to prevent themselves from losing/breaking the important stuff that’s in it.

3.     Headliners: We seldom pull it down, for we only use it to look at the mirror more often than not. Because of this, dust and other particles usually build up inside it.

4.     Pockets behind Seats: We often place magazines or newspapers in this area. Since the opening is narrow, we often tend to overlook cleaning up this place. This is an area that you should never disregard because it is here where you will find trash like candy wrappers and used tissue papers.

5.     Hideaway Cup Holders: It is here where we keep our drinks. But since it’s usually stowed, we often neglect to clean up this area. Not good. You don’t want bacteria and insects accumulating in the same area where we place our drinks.

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