Top 3 Things to Do When your Car Gets Bumped

Car CollisionThe news is generally boring, especially if it doesn’t concern anyone you know. But what if one day you become the headline, where you will most likely be seen by everyone you know. What if this particular headline, starring you, has something to do with a car accident? Not good. No driver would ever want to face the agony of car accidents and the emotional stress that comes with them. That is why it is infinitely wise to formulate a plan that would keep us calm and secure if such mishaps should ever happen to us.

Let’s start with a scenario. You were weaving along a traffic gridlock, when suddenly, your car gets bumped from behind. At this time, unstable emotions could be building up within you, just waiting to be unleashed. That you have to deal with the damage to your car means that your schedule for the day has been ruined. The more you realize this, the more anxiety you feel. Now stop. This is usually the part where things get worse. So before you take another step, ponder upon these three pointers that should save you from further stress and conflict.

1. Presence of Mind

Presence of mind entails analyzing the current situation. Review the incidents that occurred prior to the untimely bump. Was the action intentional, or accidental? If it’s the former, then the smart thing to do would be to just step on the gas and speed away, because more likely than not, they are going after your vehicle. By avoiding the maniacal driver, you avoid additional damage that could have been inflicted on your vehicle. However, if it’s the later, then the first thing to do would be to check on your passengers for any injuries sustained. After everyone’s safety has been secured, then you can go right ahead and assess the state of your vehicle. It is necessary that you phone in the incident to the authorities. Wait for them to arrive at the scene. Don’t be a fool by immediately initiating a verbal war against the driver who hit your car.

2. Assess the DamageCar Bump

It will take some time before police authorities arrive at the scene. Before they do, make sure that you have already assessed the damage beforehand. Check if any major car parts have been harmed by the collision. If it’s just a slight scratch, then it’s advisable that you just keep on driving, because the insurance company definitely won’t pay you for that. If it’s a big one, make sure to have it sketched by the police official with the corresponding blotter and make sure, not to forget the other party’s contact details, like calling cards, which you will have to verify on the spot!

3. Call up the Insurance Company

A lot of owners usually forget to call up the insurance company after the incident. Don’t be one of them. Accept the fact that it might take some time for them to pay you the money, for they will have to go through essential stuff like ID’s, blotters, sketches and many more over and over again. Just be patient and do you part by providing them what they need.

Well, I guess that’s just about everything you need to know regarding scenarios that involves car collisions. It’s as simple as A-B-C. Remember, it’s better to be prepared now than later.

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