Top 10 Emergency Tools for your Car

Just because we are secure inside our car doesn’t mean that we’re safe from the many kinds of dangers outside of it. Sooner or later, we drivers will encounter a tricky and hazardous situation, and the tools that we have with us may be our only ticket home. In this article, let us take a quick countdown of the 10 emergency tools or accessories that are extremely useful for getting out of an untimely ordeal on the road.

10) Back-up Battery

A common downfall in cars is its unexpected shutdown due to an empty battery. Always reserve a back-up battery in your car as this might just save your day. Because an average battery usually lasts 3 to 4 years, take note of the date of when you last replaced your battery.

9) Phone Charger

It’s pretty safe to assume that all people who are wealthy enough to own their own car also has a mobile phone. Like the batteries of our cars, our phones may suddenly run out of juice. And when you run out of both in the middle of nowhere, a phone charger will be your saviour. Always keep a phone charger in your car’s dashboard; this is to make sure that you’d be able to call a friend, a family member, or even a tow truck when the situation demands for one.

Toolbox for Car8) Toolbox

What is the next thing you should do once you are able to identify the issue within your car’s mechanics? Get your tools! Make sure that you have all your handy tools inside a well organized toolbox for convenience. Essential tools such as a wrench, pliers, screw drivers, car jacks, among others, should be ready for action.

7) GPS

“Desperately and hopelessly lost? Perhaps you are in serious need to get back to your original track? Why, I have just the thing for you! A GPS!” In a dire and stranded situation, your fully-charged phone is only the solution as chances are, you’ll need to inform the other person on the line your specific location, and a GPS can give you the exact coordinates of your location, allowing help and rescue to find you in no time!

6) Jumper Cables

What if your back-up battery failed you by turning out to be as useful as your dead battery? I know that this is an unlikely scenario, but you have to consider all possibilities when talking about your well-being. When your car dies out, it is risky to leave your car and you search for help for car thieves can be lurking in the corner, just waiting for an opportune moment. A good option is to have a Good Samaritan help you jump-start your car. But for that to happen, you’re gonna have to own a pair of jumper cables

5) Swiss Knife

Your toolbox may not contain all the necessary items for you to use in a certain scenario. Because of this, try to make it a habit to always bring a small handy Swiss Knife that would provide you with extra tools for extra-difficult situations.

4) Mini Cooler

All vehicles need their necessary juices, but so do you, my friend! Carrying a water bottle will extremely be vital, but to survive longer in a stranded situation, you’re gonna have to bring some food as well. A mini cooler can store all sorts of food that will allow you to maximize the number of days you stay fresh as you act to get out of an unfortunate ordeal. This kind of preparation is most advisable for those who are about to embark on a road trip.

Carrying a Spare Tire3) Spare Tire

A flat tire is probably the most common show-stopper when it comes to unwanted misfortunes while driving. Never go out for a drive if your car isn’t equipped with a spare tire. Also, make sure that you have a reliable car jack around that should enable you to properly replace flat tires.

2) High Wattage Flash light

Emphasis on the “High Wattage” part. If you happen to experience your road mishap in the middle of the night, you’re going to need all the bright light you can get. If your car’s damage is beyond the capability of simple tools, use your light to make Morse Code signals.

1) Satellite Phone

Most useful in remote areas with no network signal, a Satellite Phone will enable you to connect with anyone with a phone, no matter where you are. This deserves the top spot in our countdown as it is of utmost priority to be able to call for help, and a Satellite Phone can do just that.

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