To-Do Checklist Before Your Roadtrip

Are you planning a last hurrah for the summer season? Then it’s not an accident that you’ve clicked this page; I recommend for you to read on. Less than a month from now, we are to bid summer goodbye and say hello once again to monsoons. Travelling through rain is not very ideal. Hence, a lot of people are planning to do it now. The best way to make sure your road trip goes smooth is to concoct a simple checklist. Not only will this save you from the conventional, long, and arduous planning, but it will also be of good aid to thoroughly outline your trip. These are just some things you can include in a checklist, so please feel free to enlighten us with yours.

Safety always comes first. What are the chances that accidents may happen? Big. Never ever eliminate the fact that untoward circumstances might come our way during a vacation. So to be prepared for this, ensure a first aid kit in your vehicle and bag. Bandages/gauze, alcohol, iodine solution, cotton buds, anti-emetics (medications that prevent nausea and vomiting) are some of the basic things you need in your kit. I suggest that you keep them in a small pouch, so as to make room for other things.

Foodie. For kids, what’s the most important part of the trip? Of course, it’s eating time. Children, even us adults (admit it), love to have something to munch on during a long journey.  Carrying a truckload of food wouldn’t really hurt anyone. Trust me, snacks and drinks from your local supermarket is way cheaper compared to those being sold in convenience stores of gas stations. However, make sure to bring something that doesn’t easily spoil. That way, you’ll be able to prevent those rumbling tummies without having to pay extra.

Hello, operator? Hotel walk-ins do work, but not all the time. Remember, everybody’s out to maximize their summer, so it’s not safe to assume that hotels aren’t fully booked. Make an advance call. Tell them the things that you need and expect. Ask about the security in and out of the hotel. Make sure they have a safe parking area. You wouldn’t want your car to be nabbed by some thief, do you? By doing this, you are helping the hotel to be more mindful on how to serve their guests well.


Pack light. Bring just the right amount of clothing. You can save packing space by rolling your clothes, rather than stuffing them carelessly inside your bag. Remember, it’s not like you’re not coming home anymore. Also, bring a laundry bag for your soiled clothes and a Ziploc bag for your wet clothes. Don’t mix your used clothes with the unused and wet ones. You don’t want your bag to stink, do you?

$$$. Load enough bullets in your wallet. Of course, you shouldn’t leave the house empty handed. It’s always safe to carry enough cash wherever you go. You can bring your ATM card and credit card with you, but check with your local bank if your destination offers ATM machines and card swipes. Secure these valuables inside your hand carry.

Direction determines destination. Before leaving the house, check the Internet as to how you can reach your destination. Google Maps is a reliable tool when it comes to finding a short and correct alternative path to your spot. If your vehicle has GPS installed already, then I think finding your way won’t be burdensome.

CAReful. Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s shape before hitting the road. Test for leaks. Make sure your brakes are working. Fill the radiator with the right amount of water. Visit the gas station and get enough gasoline for your trip. Also, don’t forget to inspect your tires. Bring tools and keep the phone number of the ever dependable road assistance crew just in case your car flops in the middle of the road.

To sum it all up, a real vacation is something that doesn’t give you any headache, hassle, or stress. However, there are some incidents that might not cooperate with plans. So to at least lessen those unfortunate events, keep a checklist with you all the time. But hey, do not be such a paranoid. Just sit back, chillax, and enjoy every single part of the ride.

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