Tips on Buying a Second-Hand Car

Despite the rising price of fuel, cars are still pretty much essential to the lives of people, especially for professionals and families. If you’re on a tight budget, you would most likely consider buying a second-hand car instead of one that’s brand new. While this is not a bad option, you might want to consider several factors first before you buy one.

Second-hand cars are a good option for those with tight budgets, but do your homework before buying that used car.

Be Realistic with the Facts

There is no such thing as a P10,000 car. Even if it’s old and second hand already, I doubt you’ll find a car that would last for 6 months at that value. You shouldn’t also expect a Honda Civic or a Toyota Altis at less than P100,000. Cars would still cost quite an amount even if they’re second-hand already.

Ask around

If you plan to buy a second-hand car from those shops selling second-hand cars, you might want to ask around if the shop is credible and reliable. Remember that second-hand cars are more prone to more frequent repairs. You might think you’ll be getting a great deal, only to find out that the total repair and upgrade of the car costs more than a car itself.

One of my friends bought a second-hand Toyota Altis at a value of less than P200,000. But after all the repairs he needed to do, he ended up spending almost a million pesos for the frequent repairs and upgrades in a span of about a year. He ended up spending more for the repair than buying a new car. Make your decision a very big deal (because it should be).

Finally, don’t forget to ask some advise from your parents or relatives. Who knows, you might even get their car for free. Now that would be one amazing deal isn’t it?

Don't get pressured to buy the first car that you inspect.

Use the Internet

Research, research, research. You can even use sites such as eBay to benchmark the market price of cars. Research about the car you’re about to buy including the probable number of years it has already been in the market (the older the car, the harder it may be to find repair parts). Use the wealth of information available on-line.

Happy shopping!

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