The Right Time to Rotate your Car’s Tires

Rotating your Car's TiresTires are like pencils. If you sharpen one side of a pencil too much, it’ll end up breaking when you use it. Instead, you have to make sure to sharpen every side of the pencil as even as you can. This is similar to driving. When you drive, you end up throwing the weight of your car around, leaving patterns of erosion on the tires. If you use your tires too much without rotating them, you’ll end up wearing out your tires unevenly. This is why it is important to know when to rotate your tires to the right locations.

The wearing out of tires is inevitable. It may be because of the weight dispersion of your car. It may even be because you have an uneven alignment. The tires at the front usually end up with accidental bruises from parking, steering and braking. At the same time, they also carry the weight of the engine. In these situations, the tires in front are likely to wear out faster than those at the back.

When to Rotate your Tires

Luckily, the tires itself will send out warning signals whenever the tread is uneven. Once you start hearing your tires emanate a humming sound even when you’re on smooth roads, it may be time to rotate your tires. However, according to Joel Burrows of Precision Tune Auto Care’s Car Doc, it isn’t wise to wait until you see uneven wear. If the tires wear out abnormally, it may be difficult to straighten them out, despite trying to correct it through rotating the tires.

Proper Car Tire RotationJust to be on the safe side, knowledgeable manufacturers will recommend rotating tires when you’ve run at least 6,000 miles. Since you’ll also need to change your oil once in awhile, it may be a good time to have your tires rotated at the same time.

On the other hand, if you’re one of those who drive their cars on rough roads or use four-wheel drive vehicles, it may be safer to rotate your tires more often. If your daily routes involve annoying burrows and those pesky potholes, I suggest that you rotate your tires when you reach 5,000 miles.

Why Rotate your Tires

When it comes to driving cars, it is important to consider your safety at all times. If you don’t rotate your tires, you may be at risk because balder tires at the front of the vehicle can cause you to lose control of the steering wheel. By keeping your tires even, the car’s brakes will be even and effective, resulting in a car that’s easier to handle. Not only that, you can also expect increased traction, improved gas mileage and a smoother ride.

Besides, if wear out your tires evenly by thorough rotations, you can buy a new set of tires at one time, instead of changing tires one by one. You won’t have to buy new tires frequently or end up with a car in maintenance due to uneven tires.   Despite the hassle of rotating tires, it should always be in your maintenance checklist. After all, who doesn’t want a safer and more efficient ride?

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