What to Do While Waiting For the Tow Truck

Waiting for Tow TruckSo you’re waiting there, maybe leaning on the hood of your car, sitting inside your immobilized automobile. (Ironic, huh?) You’re waiting for the tow-truck which you called for a few moments ago. You know that it will take quite some time before they reach you. But do you know that there are more important things that you can do than texting your friends, ranting on about how much you hate this day, or just playing Angry Birds to kill time?

What are the things you have to do while waiting for the tow-truck? You’re probably saying to yourself that there’s nothing more you can do, since your car’s busted. And it won’t help trying to fix it yourself because that’s the very reason you called for the tow-truck in the first place. Though there’s technically nothing you can do for your car, at least you can do something for the sake of the other motorists, and even for your own safety.

Well first, you can start by turning on the hazard lights of your car. Turn on both signal lights so that they’ll know you’re a special case. Aside from that, your car should also have an “Early Warning Device.” That’s a flat hollow triangle that’s highly visible since it’s “reflectorized”. You should set this little thing up about 10 meters behind your stalled vehicle in order to warn other motorists from hitting your car, since the worst thing that could happen is to have your already broken car get hit by another car.

For something that could further help you and your fellow drivers, you can move your vehicle to the shoulder lane or the closest lay-by if your car stalled in the middle of the fast lane. That’s just dangerous, you know. You can push it, or ask one of your passengers (if you have any), or a friendly nearby stranger (if there is one around), to push your car while you turn the steering wheel. This is very important since there’s a very high chance of collision being a piece of dead traffic in the middle of a road, even if your car has the warning lights on AND you have the EAD (early warning device).

So those are the useful things you should do while waiting for the tow-truck. Remember to make the most of every opportunity, and don’t let the idle moments take away the good that you can do for yourself, and for others. So, with that principle that I just left you, I say, “Happy Driving!”

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