The Top 10 Car Accidents

As drivers, we at times cannot avoid accidents on the road. This happens, especially, when we are not careful enough of our driving or the reckless driving of others. In 2006 alone, there have been 15,000 car accidents reported by the Philippine National Police. On average, there are 41 traffic accidents per day. It has also been reported that some of the causes of those car accidents are vehicle mechanical defects, speeding, cell phone use while driving, and drunkenness of drivers. These types of incidents often result to fatal damages, physical injuries, and even death.

Do you want to see how dangerous car accidents can be? Here are the top 10 car accidents that have happened in the different parts of the world.

Highway 39 Accident#10: Drunkenness at Hwy 39

This accident was experienced by a girl last April 5, 2008 during a dark and rainy night in eastern Hillsborough County, Florida at the Hwy 39 and Sam Allen Road intersection. The girl, together with her friends inside the car was hit by a car driven by a drunk, who was unlicensed, uninsured, and undocumented. The impact of the collision pushed the girl’s car 170 feet away from its previous state. The good thing is everyone inside the car was buckled up, sparing them from major injuries.

 Sleep Driving#9: Sleep-driving

The driver of this car accidentally bumped into a post near Shell Telebastagan due to a significant lack of sleep. He was on his way home after dropping off his friends to their houses at past 3 in the morning, on a Saturday. While driving on the road at Sindalan, the driver fell asleep. This caused him to bump into a post. Extreme physical pain woke him up and it surprised at the sight of a shattered passenger’s seat, along with a dashboard located where it isn’t supposed to be.

Highway Patrol Crash

#8: Highway Patrol Crash

Even the police could not get away from car accidents such as this. The highway patrol car got into an accident at Bell, Florida.






Rollercoaster Ride#7: A Rollercoaster Ride

This Red Jeep Wrangler crashed in Hillsboro, Oregon last July 21, 2007 at 4 in the afternoon. It hit the ditch at a speed of 80 mph, which caused it to flip several times, going between a fence and a telephone pole. After that, the Jeep hit the ground, and went back up in to the air flipping several more times. The driver of this car was admitted in ICU for 4 days due to neck and head injury.



Weird Parking#6: A Different Side of Parking

This accident happened on October 2008, in a village outside Exeter, U.K. The driver of this car tried to move down the hill, and lost control of the car; hence, making a different kind of parking.





Driving Upside Down#5: Driving Upside Down

A sharp, unmarked curve caused this car to crash down into the ditch, hit a driveway, and roll down the hill for 6 to 9 times. This happened outside Platteville, WI last September 2009. The different parts of the car were scattered on the road. Thank God for seat belts, because it saved the passengers from also being scattered on the road.



Mashed Car#4: How to Mash a Car

An unknown, drunk man accidentally bumped into a Toyota Corolla causing a 20-year old female passenger to experience unconsciousness and major physical injuries, while the husband/driver of this lady was dead on the spot. The rescuers tried to save the life of the lady but they weren’t successful. It happened on Highway 87 in Caplen, TX on July 04, 2004 at 1:30 a.m.


Smoked Lamborgini#3: Smoked Lamborghini

The 22-year-old driver of this Lamboghini lost control due to over speeding. 50% of the car was crushed after hitting the VW Golf at Johannesburg, South Africa on July 13, 2008. Everyone inside the 2 cars died in the accident.

Sliced Golf 6 GT




#2: Sliced Golf 6 GT

Four young men inside this car died due to the accident on a Wednesday night. Results of the investigation show that these men have been traced to have alcohol and drug intake.


Burning Cars



More than 200 cars crashed in UAE (between Dubai and Abudhabi) on March 11, 2008 7 a.m. This accident happened due to a fog. Three people died from the accident while 286 people were injured.





Clips of accidents occurring in one of the most accident prone intersections in the world:

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