What to Do when Stuck in Mud

Car Stuck in MudOur cars are what we use to get to where we want to go to. Going the mile towards our destination involves allowing our tires to come in contact with the road. Roads can be tricky, for they can take on different forms and conditions. People who are fond of road trips have surely encountered rocky roads, snowy roads, roads with potholes, etc. When soil gets in contact with rain or water, it turns into the bane of most motorists: Mud.

Because the Philippines can have strong and lengthy rainy seasons, the odds of getting our cars stuck in mud are rather high if we are not careful. But of course, there is a solution to every problem, and you may try out some of these tips if ever you are faced with this sticky situation.

1. Plan ahead.

As the old cliché goes, prevention is better than cure. Plan ahead and keep your tires in good shape. This consists of properly and regularly inflating them for better handling. It also would help to apply some sort of a roadside-assistance program. Make sure to maintain clean windshield wipers. Prior to travelling, double checking the area of travel may be vital. Scout the area and plan the route to take to avoid potential muddy areas. It is also wise to inspect that you have in your car an emergency kit containing flairs, flashlight, and/or reflectors. Having a tire pressure gauge may help too as you can see in a little bit. Finally as always, making sure you have a cellphone with you all the time is important. Phoning a friend will be your best option when you find yourself stuck in a muddy dilemma.

2. If you become stuck: Rock Out!

When it comes to the point of getting stuck, first of all, stay calm, more so if the situation is quite perilous. Sustain a presence of mind. Keep the wheels just straight, and step on the gas pedal lightly. Shift the gear to drive and reverse to rock the car. Once the car moves, change directions of the wheel, as spinning the tires in one direction will only dig you deeper. For cars with a manual transmission, it may help to use the second gear for a more controlled speed. Keep doing this process until you reach safe and solid ground. However, if you are unsuccessful after many attempts, try the next step.

3. Dig deep.

If you can get out of your car without sinking into muddy oblivion, do so and try to create a path several feet long for each of the tires. Using any object that can be utilized for digging, create a flat surface in front of the tires to allow easier forward movement. If you are unfortunate to get stuck in the time of night, make sure you put up your reflector so other driver’s won’t hit you. Consider yourself lucky if they even stop to assist you.

Traction Aids4. Add traction to the mud surface.

When possible, gather sand and spread them around the muddy tracks, especially near the drive wheels. If sand is not available,  try using the car’s floor mats. Use the underside as this may provide more traction. Also, consider buying traction aids that would be perfect for circumstances like these. Traction aids are accessories to be placed in front of the tires, having their grips pointing down. They look like small ramps that grip the muddy track, which allow the car to slowly drive forward.

5. Let out some air from the tires.

A slightly deflated tire can get improve movement on muddy tracks. Use your tire pressure gauge and reduce air pressure to no less than 10 pounds. Attempt to smoothly drive away from the mud. Once on solid ground don’t forget to re-inflate the tires via the nearest gas station!

6. Tow your car.

When all else fails, call a tow truck company and let them tow your car. This may incur costs but at least it will definitely save you, your passengers, and your precious car parts from all that pesky mud.

Again, planning ahead is the safest way to go. Bring all the needed equipments for you to use when needed, and plan which route to take if you are to take on a long trip. Drive safely by passing through clean roads. Listen to the radio for warning involving muddy paths and dangerous weathers.

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