Slalom vs. Drifting

SlalomHave you ever thought about racing your car in such a way that you can almost feel like you’re flying? Have you ever desired to take on slalom racing or car drifting? What are the differences between the two in terms of rules and skills required? How do their racing courses differ when it comes to look and feel? How are the winners in both categories determined?


Slalom is considered as the root of motorsports. One does not need to buy a specific car or customized parts in order to participate in this particular species of racing. Slalom takes place in an enclosed paved area, usually in a parking space of a building, or an airport runway, where pylons or those orange traffic cones are used to create a man-made obstacle course for you and your car. Directions as to how the racers will go about the course will be provided.

Slalom is performed on a solo and timed basis, meaning that there will be no wheel-to-wheel racing, no passing of other cars, and that the racing rink will be the driver’s own during the course of his or her performance. Sharp turns in an obstacle course will require drivers to perform a power slide, which can be misinterpreted by some as drifting. Remember: just because a driver leaves a couple of skid marks on the road doesn’t mean he or she is already drifting.


For people who have lack sufficient knowledge in the automotive world, drifting would seem like something created for rich, bored people who simply want to show off their newly acquired Nissan Silvia. But, to be honest, drifting involves as much car control as slalom, although “drifters” are going to need a customized car. Drifting usually occurs at a minimum speed of 100/kph. It focuses on the rear wheels of the car, which explains why drifters change their tires after each show. Car drifting doesn’t necessarily require the presence of paved roads, but it does require sharp turns. Contrary to slalom, drifting is not timed, but there is a set of judges that will evaluate how well you handled all the tricky turns.

Depending on your age and skill level, you should be able to determine which category you are most suited for. You always have to bear in mind your safety and discipline, and also your financial capability. To be young and ambitious and hungry for speed is not enough; you should posses the specific set of skills in order to survive in this high-speed world.

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