Signs to Watch for When to Change Your Brakes

Being vigilant about your car's brake will save you money on car damages - and might even save the lives of the people on the road, including yours.

We have that natural instinct to drive fast — pushing the gas pedal harder to go even faster. It’s fun to go fast. Who wants to slow down? The break pedal may not be your favorite part of the car, but it’s certainly one of the most important. Driving fast may be fun but safety should still comes first. And like all car parts, you need to know when your brake needs a break already. What are the signs that your car brake needs to be evaluated for a change or upgrade already?


Listen to the Sound

You’ve seen many action movies when a car goes to a sudden stop, you’ll hear a screeching sound until the brakes are released. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with it considering that the situation is in an action scene and a sudden break will result in a loud screech. There’s something wrong, however, when you hear such sounds in a normal break. Actually the type of sound you should watch out for is like a high-pitched screech caused when pressing on the brakes. The brake pads on the wheels are probably too thin already and it’s time to change your brake.

Losing Control

When you’re on a normal brake and you begin to lose control of the car, you know something is definitely wrong with your brake. If you’re already having difficulties with the car control on an easy break, how much more on a sudden brake while running at 120kph on a slippery surface?

Another case would be when you’re on brake but your car somehow skids to the left or right. That’s because one of the brake pads are thinner than on the other wheel which causes it to turn to a different direction. Have your brakes checked immediately.

Broken Pedals

More than just the brakes on the wheel, don’t forget the brake pedals. Even the most sophisticated brakes are pointless if your brake pedals are broken and you can’t press the brakes. There are some cars when the brake pedal pads are already gone and drivers just rely on that stick to press on the brakes — don’t do this! When you need to push the brake suddenly, your foot might miss the brake pedal because you’re panicking and you’ll end up missing the brakes altogether.

Look for these signs to see if your brake needs a break.

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