Rolls-Royce to Open its Showroom in PH

Phantom. Ghost. Wraith. These are names that are not fictitious characters from stories of the unknown, but are rather characters from the widely known brand, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd.  For many years, we have only seen a glimpse of their automobiles in movies, online stores, and second hand sellers.  Well, it is an honor for me to announce that such glimpses are finally over for that famous logo comprised of two R’s will soon be prominently visible in the Philippines.

According to a September 2012 BusinessWeek interview with Paul Harris, regional director of Rolls Royce for Asia Pacific, the automotive giant is looking into expanding to the Indo-China and Philippine areas.  This major business decision is primarily due to the fact that the company earned a good growth of sales in India this year, aside from its consistent market sales in Hong Kong.

Rolls-Royce Showroom

This announcement posts a positive mark on our economy. Just as much as our beach hubs and historical landmarks are valued, the emergence of this luxury brand entices more tourists to come visit our country as it resembles both wealth in status and safety in driving.  Aside from its economic value, the arrival of Rolls-Royce to the Philippines shows how diverse the country is to change in the realm of technology and scientific advancements.  Open to new and positive changes, this advancement sets new beginnings and brighter futures for both purchasers and investors.

This innovation will result in a lot of curiosity and research in the thousands of car enthusiasts out there as all of this will soon be included in Top Gear’s car comparison and pricelist. Everything leading up to this event seems to be in perfect timing since there is news to update the plate numbers in our government list.  This update poses an aesthetic challenge for the car makers, and it’s exciting to see what the good people at Rolls-Royce has up their sleeves for this particular trick.

Think about the minor yet significant hype. Who wouldn’t want to own a Rolls-Royce that features the first batch of its brand-new set of plates?

No formal announcement has been released by the company as to where and when they shall build their showroom in the Philippines. In spite of the lack of information, it is still a positive thought that all of this is actually happening.  Our very own president has even met up with the car maker’s chief ranking officials, inviting them to show interest in a couple of investments.  So far so good. In the meantime, let us keep our fingers crossed as we await for the arrival of this crown-jewel.

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