Why I choose Roberts as my manufacturer

Thumbs up for RobertsI’m sure your friendly neighborhood mechanic has told you this before. With a smile that can light a million light bulbs, he tells you that his parts are the best in the market, and that no one else supplies his particular parts. But, deep down, you know that the auto parts supplier just down the street sells this and a hundred other brands. So the question is… which auto part manufacturer should you choose?

While I may not list every brand out there in the market, I will list a few and tell you why they are of particular note.

1.)  Evercool Radiator: This particular brand of radiator hit the market in the early 90’s and hit the ground running. The radiators of Evercool Radiator possess a higher-than-standard number of water tubes and cooling fins, which causes it to outperform other radiators in the market. Additionally, Evercool Radiators are subjected to rigorous vibration, pressure and road tests; not to mention that they are also stamped with a 100% leak free certification. Bundle this together with ISO Certifications, and you have yourself a high quality radiator that you know won’t let you down even in the harshest of situations.

Tiger Leafspring

2.)  Tiger Leafsprings: Leafsprings are an important part for suspension of vehicles, which would also be the case with your car. You know that road conditions are not always perfect. There will be times where you may be tempted to treat your car like an off-road SUV when it may be only meant for regular city driving. The high load and rough terrain can take a toll on your suspension, and you’d obviously want it to work without making your trip uncomfortable. Tiger Leafsprings is the brand that checks all of the boxes, providing comfort and durability. This European brand is in the business for over 120 years. It offers high technology, quality raw materials and rigorous fatigue, hardness, shot peening and load tests that ensure your suspension works the way they are supposed to.

3.)  Soundex Mufflers: Mufflers are beautiful. Choosing the right aftermarket muffler can really make your car stand out. Soundex Mufflers stands out from the rest of the aftermarket mufflers you can find not only because of its durability, high quality and high heat resistance. It is not only because it looks beautiful and comes in a variety of designs for different tastes. It is, in fact, one of the best (if not the best) out there because its production comes with an Environment Management System (ISO 14001:2004 Certification), which means that you are ensured that the environment is not harmed when your muffler is produced.

Roberts AIPMC

By now, you might be asking me: So what is the connection? The connection, my dear friend, is Roberts AIPMC. If you read through the different brands, you will realize three main points. First, they have rigorous testing which ensures quality. Second, they have international tie-ups with established manufacturers. And lastly, they have ISO certification, which we all know is the standard certification of consistently high quality.  If you are looking for that new part for you car, if you want to go for quality and have that assurance that nothing will go wrong with you car, then just look for Roberts AIPMC.

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