The Most Ridiculous Motorcycle Records Ever Pulled Off

Motorcycle Stunts

1) Longest Time to Keep a Running Motorcycle Stopped Using One’s Teeth

Moms are naturally very dedicated to the task of informing their children every 5 minutes that they have not brushed their teeth and therefore need to do so – even though they actually did so only 5 minutes before. Most of us find this annoying as kids (and as adults too), but this guy took his mother’s warnings about bad teeth a bit too seriously. His name is Montystar Agarawal, and he prides himself with the strongest teeth on Earth!

Using only his teeth, Montystar Agarawal completely stopped a 135-cc Yamaha motorcycle from doing what it does best – getting from point A to point B. Biting a handle of some sort with strings that attached to the bike, this “teeth master” held it in its ground for 21.34 seconds as it tried to run off.

Of course I have to remind every single one of you to not try this at home or anywhere else for as long as you shall live as it is dangerous, especially for those who did not heed their mother’s annoying yet helpful advice.

2) Longest Time to Keep Two Running Motorcycles Stopped with Arms (Female)

If strong teeth can keep a motorcycle from doing its job, then just think of what strong arms could pull off! Juli Moody put UFC heavy weight fighters to shame when, in a show of strength, the lady athlete stopped a pair of 1,500 big bikes using nothing but her arms. She kept the engines at a halt for a whopping 23.53 seconds! How’s that for a ridiculous (in an awesome way) motorcycle record?

For her next stunt, I would love to see Ms. Moody to invade a radiator shop and start juggling radiators… blindfolded… standing on one foot.

3) Most Consecutive Laps Drifting a Motorcycle on an Ice Track without Wearing a Shirt 

What happens when you put a motorcycle on ice and put a crazy fellow behind the wheels? A ridiculous world record – that’s what! Olof Eriksson completed two laps of drifting his motorcycle on a 500 meter ice racing track and catch this – without a shirt on! As sexy as that may sound, it is no easy feat to accomplish.

At temperatures below zero degrees, normal human beings would have their nipples fall off from frostbite before they could even start the engine.

4) Most Church Employees Pulled on Office Chairs by a Motorcycle being Driven by a Pastor Wearing a Cape

You would never guess what church employees and their pastor boss do in their free time – they set the most ridiculously fun world records! Justin Bolis only needed a cape and a motorcycle to give his subordinates the most memorable ride of their lives.

By connecting through a chain several office chairs and a motorcycle, the pastor drove around town pulling church employees along with him to set the record of most church employees pulled on office chairs by a motorcycle being driven by a pastor wearing a cape. The deed was part of a sermon to illustrate the importance of having fun over time at church. I vote for this to be the eleventh commandment!

So there you have it – 4 of the most ridiculous motorcycle records ever pulled off! If you own a bike, a camera, and a set of iron balls, then why not try to set your own record? Make sure to send us a link!

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