How to Repair Car Scratches

Scratched CarYour car is your baby; you love her and you would do anything for her. However, no matter how careful you may be, there will always be that instant when your car will get an unsightly scratch. Just like the unwanted pimple on your face, you want it to go away. But you know that, in order to prevent further damage, you have to be extremely gentle when removing it.

It doesn’t matter if you scratched your car while you are mobile or parked. It doesn’t even matter if your actions had done nothing to cause the scratch. What matters is that you attend to it quickly. It is important to note that not all scratches can be erased. If a particular scratch is deep enough to go through the paint, the car must be brought to a shop for some necessary repainting. But, if the scratch is thin and shallow, there is a way for you to get rid of it safely and quickly without having to pay for expensive services.

The first thing to do is to determine what kind of scratch it is. If the mark came from something like rubber, plastic or a different paint, then you can use aerosol or adhesive remover. For more stubborn transfers, you can use acetone, lacquer thinner or polishing compound. Make sure to wash the affected area before apply the cleaning liquid. At the end of the procedure, gently wipe the spot with a soft cloth. Keep on repeating this routine until the mark is gone.

Repairing Car ScratchSurface scratches that are not deep enough to reach the primer should be washed first. This will allow you to remove any kind of distracting dirt around it. Next, grab some shoe polish and rub it on the affected area, which will serve as a mark for the next step. Once you have filled in the scratch with shoe polish, take a cut of sandpaper and sand affected area until the shoe polish has disappeared. At this point, you should have removed most of the scratch. However, there will be tiny scratches from the sanding, which you will have to remove as a result. Apply some rubbing compound and buff it off with an oscillating polisher. Continue applying this method for a minute or two until you are ready to finish it off with a clean, soft cloth. After all of these steps, wax your car, and it should look as good as new.

Removing scratches can be quite easy, if you’ll follow the steps. Regardless of the kind of scratch, you must rely in the truth that it can be repaired. The rewards are great as you can save a lot of money, and time.

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