How to Remove Water Marks on Your Windshield

Windshield Watermarks

On a bright sunny day, you saw that water from a sprinkler has dashed onto your car. You thought that the sun will help in the drying process. However, after an hour, you notice that some water marks have been dried up, creating white, ugly deposits on your windshield. Another scenario could be that of rainwater that has left hardened water spots on the glass.

You know that those water marks can’t do any serious harm to your valuable car parts, but you can’t stand their sight anyway. You immediately try the old trick of removing them with dry paper (usually newspaper), towels and pads with soap and water, but the stubborn marks could not simply be removed. The following are some tools you can use as D-I-Y solutions to this problem:

1.     Clay

After washing the entire windshield with a cleaner and dedicated glass microfiber towel, use a bar of mild, detailing clay to remove the hard surface granules. The procedure is similar to waxing your car. Just rub a thin layer and buff off with a soft cotton cloth or sponge, to render the windshield crystal clear.

2.     Vinegar Solution

Since the etched spots are of alkaline-based minerals, spew them away with a solution made of acid, which should neutralize those unwanted water marks. In a spray bottle, mix two cups of distilled water and one cup of acetic acid that is white vinegar. Spray the solution on the spots and allow about 5-10 minutes of dwell time before wiping off with a furry or microfiber cloth. Rub lightly in a circular motion until the spot is removed. (Remember that if you are not gentle with your rubbing, unappealing scratches could result.) You can also try mixing isopropyl alcohol instead of water.

3.     Steel Wool

Moving up to the next level: if the spots have still retained after rounds of attempt using the above suggestions, use steel wool. It is rough enough to remove the hard water spots but will not scratch the car’s windshield. Rather, it will give it a polished look. Once the spots are got off successfully, it is ideal to wax your car to make it easier to chuck out water spot buildup the next time.


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