How to Remove Adhesive Stickers without Leaving Traces

Adhesive Stickers

Ever thought about buying a used car? Or have you ever had the impulse of self-decorating the exterior of your car just for the fun of it? If you said yes to both or one of the questions, then chances are, you have encountered adhesive stickers.

The removal of adhesive stickers can be a real pain if not done the right way. Without the proper knowledge and instructions, engaging in the process of detaching adhesive stickers can result in unwanted scratches, ruined paint jobs, and costly repair bills. Not good. Should you just risk the scratches or just leave the stickers as they are? Neither, because here are tested steps on how to remove adhesive stickers without leaving traces.

First of all, you need to purchase an adhesive remover from the nearest hardware store. This shouldn’t be a problem for you since it’s a standard item in such stores. Now, with an all-purpose cleaner, begin to moisten the adhesive that you want to remove. Using a clean cloth, rub the sticker in a circular motion.

Apply the adhesive remover on the entire sticker surface. Leave the sticker undisturbed for about half an hour. During this period, the product will melt the glue that is right under the adhesive. Once the half hour has passed, take a small putty knife or a plastic scraper and carefully remove the adhesive, making sure not to scratch the body of your car.

Now, this may not be a one-shot deal. So if at the end of the process you still notice some leftover glue attached to your car, apply the adhesive remover once more and simply repeat the last step after another half hour. When the surface of your is free of all glue, just remove the remaining residue with your all purpose cleaner.

If, by any chance whatsoever, your car still has glue residue after several repeats of the process above, utilize the powers of an abrasive paste or polish. This should put an end to the glue’s reign over your precious car.

Another element that you can use, if your are not comfortable with the methods mentioned above, is heat. You can take a sponge and immerse it in hot water, then apply it several times to soften the sticker glue. You can even use a hair dryer to further heat those pesky stickers. Once the dryer has done its job, use a spatula to make the removal of the stickers safer and easier. As soon as the sticker has finally been removed, carefully clean the area with a soft cloth soaked in alcohol.

So there you have it! Easy steps on how to remove unwanted adhesive sticker without hurting your car’s exterior. As far as the adhesive removal product is concerned, there are many brands out there that are well-known to work wonders. Just ask for assistance from your local hardware sales clerk regarding the ones that will work best for you and your car.

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